Recover files from damaged partition

Computer users often meet different kinds of problems in daily computer use. For example, a certain partition or storage device is inaccessible. When partition or storage device is inaccessible, logical damage emerges. Of course, all data stored on logically damaged partition are lost. If users want to recover files from damaged partition, professional file recovery software is requisite. However, it is quite difficult to find really professional file recovery software since inferior software is filled with the whole software market. If users download file recovery software which has defects, lost files may be damaged for the second time, resulting in permanent file loss. If users find excellent file recovery software, damaged partition file recovery will become extremely simple, safe and complete.
In order to meet increasing demands for file recovery, famed software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. provides users with a piece of professional file recovery software. It is free to recover files within 1GB, and damaged partition file recovery can be realized in few steps. Detailed operating prompts are provided in every step, so users do not need to worry about how to use this software. If users want to get functional information about this file recovery software, please look at the following screenshot:

This is the main interface of the professional file recovery software, where 5 file recovery modules are displayed. Then, let’s see detailed functions of each module. “Undelete Recovery” is used to recover deleted files. “Damaged Partition Recovery” helps recover files from damaged partition like formatted partition and inaccessible partition. “Lost Partition Recovery” can be used to recover files from deleted partition or lost partition. “Digital Media Recovery” is capable of recovering digital media files only. “CD/DVD Recovery” is able to recover lost files from CD/DVD. As to detailed operations, let’s take damaged partition file recovery for example. Detailed steps are as follows:
1. Select the functional module specially designed to recover files from damaged partition namely “Damaged Partition Recovery”.
2. Choose logically damaged partition where file recovery needs performing and click “Open” or “Full Scan” to scan it.
3. Select the partition whose state is most similar with that of desired partition and click “Show Files” button to scan selected partition.
4. Check files which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to set save path.
When important files are saved to a safe place, we are successful to recover files from damaged partition by using professional file recovery software. If users want to get more information about this software, please visit

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