Recover files from formatted partition

In Windows, it is very easy to recover deleted files, and users just need to open recycle bin to restore deleted files. Even if recycle bin has been emptied, users can also recover deleted files easily and completely since there is a lot of file recovery software which can help recover deleted files in Windows. However, if file loss is caused by mistaken formatting or malicious formatting, file recovery will become much more difficult. Firstly, files originally stored on formatted partition will not be saved to recycle bin, so users can not recover formatted files from recycle bin. Secondly, much file recovery software can only help recover deleted files. At last, most file recovery software has defects in security or compatibility even if it is able to recover files from formatted partition. Well then, how can users find a piece of file recovery software which can help recover files from formatted partition perfectly? Now, as long as users visit, they can download such a piece of software.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the very file recovery software downloaded from recommended website. What advantages does this software have? Next, let’s see main advantages of the professional file recovery software:

File recovery competence: all-sided functions can help recover files lost due to almost all logical errors such as mistaken deletion, malicious deletion, partition loss, and logical partition damage.
Security: it brings no damage to data, and multiple data protecting solutions are provided.
Compatibility: support all mainstream Windows operating systems and storage devices.
Usability: detailed prompts are given and several steps are required.

Recover files from formatted partition by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
After downloading and installing the file recovery software to computer, users need to run it to open the main interface:

Then, select the functional module specially designed to recover files from logically damaged partition like formatted partition, reformatted partition, and inaccessible partition. Next, select the formatted partition where file recovery will be made and scan it for desired files. After scan, please find and check files which need recovering. At last, save recovered files to another storage device. After that, users are successful to recover files from formatted partition by using professional file recovery software.

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