Recover files on formatted partition

Mistaken deletion and accidental formatting are 2 commonly seen reasons for file loss. However, file loss caused by accidental formatting is much more serious than that resulting from mistaken deletion. That is because all files originally stored on formatted partition will be lost. In addition, deleted files sometimes can be founded from recycle bin and recovered easily while users can not find files stored on formatted partition from computer. If users want to recover files on formatted partition, they have to use third-party tools. Well then, what kind of tool can be chosen to recover files on formatted partition? It is of course professional file recovery software. Nevertheless, most file recovery software on the software market has defects. To be specific, some software can only be used to recover deleted files; some software can not ensure file security and may result in more serious file loss situations; some software requires pretty complex operations; some software is so expensive that ordinary users can not afford it. Well then, which file recovery software should users choose? Here, we strongly suggest using MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Features of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
There are many reasons for choosing this professional file recovery software to recover files on formatted partition, and main reasons are as follows:
  • Provide free file recovery service.
  • Require pretty simple operations.
  • Can recover files lost due to mistaken deletion, accidental formatting, partition loss, and other logical errors.
  • Supports file recovery on formatted partition, U disk, memory card, memory stick, and other commonly seen storage devices.

Recover files on formatted partition with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
1. Visit the official website to download the professional file recovery software and install it to computer.
2. Launch the file recovery software to open its main interface like this:

3. Select the functional module specially designed for file recovery on formatted partition, namely “Damaged Partition Recovery”.
4. Choose the partition where file loss appears and click “Full Scan” button to scan it.
5. Select the partition state which is most similar with that of desired formatted partition and click “Show Files” button.
6. Check files which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to set save path.

After saving desired files to a safe place, users are successful to recover files on formatted partition by using professional file recovery software.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: