Recover hard drive data

Being one of the commonly utilized storage devices, hard drive plays a significant role in life and work. As is known to all, the newly bought hard disk should be partitioned before getting to use. The exact aim to carry out hard disk partitioning is to make it possible for users to execute read and write operations. However, with more and more hard disks being used, there is every chance that users come across data loss scenarios due to various factors like virus attack and mistaken deletion. In this situation, how to cope with the problem becomes a leading concern for numerous users. Many users may ask professional data recovery companies for help, paying high charges and running the risk of leaking privacy. As a result, this method is not suggested. Other users appear to resort to professional data recovery software. Nevertheless, it is not that easy to recover hard drive data, either. That is because most data recovery software on the internet is defective in functions. Consequently, to avoid trouble in choosing software, we suggest downloading professional data recovery software from to recover hard drive data.

Recover data from lost hard drive with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
If users would like to accomplish hard drive data recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, they need to download and install the data recovery software from After that, run it to enter the following interface:

In the interface, users need to choose corresponding functional module according to the actual situation. Therefore, if users want to recover data from lost hard drive, they need to click "Lost Partition Recovery" module to enter the interface below:

In this interface, disk information and parts of lost partitions are presented. However, if users do not find needed partitions, they should click "Recover" to scan the disk so as to find desired partitions.

In this interface, all lost partitions will be presented. At this time, users need to click "Show Files" to find data from the partition. If users are successful to find desired data, just go on the hard drive data recovery. If not, users should go back to the last interface, and then click "Full Scan" button to scan the partition completely:

In this interface, it is highly recommended users choose the partition with highest matching degree, and then click "Show Files" to find lost data from the scanned partition.

It is believed that many users have learned something about the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Therefore, when users encounter data loss situations, they can resort to professional data recovery software so as to realize timely and effective hard drive data recovery. Hurry to download this professional data recovery software from its official website, and it will be the best choice for users to recover hard drive data.

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