Recover lost data Windows

In Windows, partition loss appears frequently. There are 3 commonly seen reasons for Windows partition loss, namely mistaken deletion, virus attack, and partition management failure. As we know, data loss will emerge along with partition loss. If users want to reduce or avoid losses brought by data loss, they should take measures to recover lost data in Windows as soon as possible.
Many users know data recovery software is the best tool to recover lost data in Windows. Nevertheless, as inferior data recovery software is filled with the whole software market, many users have difficulties in downloading excellent software. Once they perform Windows data recovery by using inferior data recovery software, they may encounter heavier data loss situations. Well then, which data recovery software can be chosen? It is believed that many users want to get the answer. Here, we can tell users definitely MiniTool Power Data Recovery is worth owning. With it, we can recover deleted data, recover lost data from deleted/lost/formatted/inaccessible partition, and recover lost data from CD/DVD. More importantly, operations are quite simple, and users can free recover lost data in Windows within 1GB.
Detailed steps to recover lost data in Windows by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery are as follows:
Firstly, visit to download the professional data recovery software and install it to computer.
Secondly, run it to open the main interface. The following screenshot is the main interface of this professional data recovery software.

Thirdly, choose a functional module to recover lost data in Windows according to reasons for data loss.
Fourthly, scan the device where data loss appears for data which need recovering.
At last, check data which need recovering and save them to another storage device.

After that, professional data recovery software helps recover lost data in Windows successfully.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: