Recover lost files for free

In the information-based society, file loss is a quite commonly seen situation. When encountering file loss, different users will adopt different measures. Users who are quite familiar with professional knowledge of file recovery may recover lost files by themselves, and users knowing little or nothing about file recovery may resort to professional file recovery companies. Different methods have different advantages and disadvantages. If users recover lost files by themselves, they can save much money. However, users should possess professional knowledge of data recovery. If users ask professional file recovery companies for help, lost files can be recovered completely and easily. Nevertheless, users have to pay extremely high file recovery fees. In addition, privacy leakage may emerge.
Actually, there is a method which can help recover lost files for free. In addition, no professional knowledge is required, and file recovery competence is quite powerful. It is to use professional file recovery freeware MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is able to recover deleted files, recover lost files from deleted/lost/formatted/reformatted/inaccessible partition, recover digital media files only, and recover CD/DVD files. Here, we just take deleted file recovery for example.

Recover deleted files by using professional file recovery freeware
If we want to recover lost files for free, we need to free download this file recovery freeware to computer from its official website After installing it to the partition where file loss does not appear, we should run it to open its main interface:

In the main interface, we can see 5 file recovery modules which can meet almost all demands for file recovery. Since we need to recover deleted files, we should select the functional module “Undelete Recovery”. Then, choose the partition where file loss emerges and click “Recover” button to scan target partition. After scan, professional file recovery freeware will show us all deleted files it found, and we need to find and check files which need recovering. At last, click “Save Files” button to set save path for recovered files. When desired files are saved to a safe place, we are successful to recover lost files for free by using professional file recovery freeware.

If users want to get more information about this file recovery freeware, or if users want to get detailed operations, please visit the official website.

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