Recover Photos Windows 7

Many Windows 7 users are used to transferring photos taken by digital camera to computer so as to manage and view photos more conveniently. However, there are many factors threatening photo security in Windows 7, such as mistaken operation, malicious deletion, and software failure. If photos recording beautiful memories are lost, we believe all users would hope to recover photos in Windows 7 completely. Currently, using professional photo recovery software to recover photos is the best choice, because there are plenty of advantages such as save time, save money, enhance photo recovery efficiency, and avoid privacy leakage.

Powerful photo recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery
On the software market, MiniTool Power Data Recovery developed by professional software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. can be regarded as the best photo recovery software. Reasons are as follows:
  • Can help users recover photos lost due to almost all logical errors such as mistaken deletion, logical partition damage, and partition loss.
  • Perfectly support Windows 7 and other Windows operating systems as well as commonly seen storage devices like U disk, memory card, memory stick, and USB flash drive.
  • Operations are extremely simple, and detailed prompts are given.
  • Free recover 1GB photos.
  • Offer a functional module to recover digital media files only, thus saving much time and enhancing success rate.

Recover photos in Windows 7 by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, visit to download this professional photo recovery software, and then install it to computer. Next, run it to get the main interface:

Here, please select the functional module “Digital Media Recovery” which is specially designed to recover digital media files only like photos, music, and videos. Then, choose the partition or storage device where photo loss emerges and click “Recover” button to scan selected partition. When photo recovery software displays all digital media files it found, users should find and check photos which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to save desired photos to another storage device. After that, professional photo recovery software helps recover photos in Windows 7 completely.

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