Recovery freeware for Win 7

During long-time computer using process, Windows 7 users already know many solutions to different computer problems. For instance, install anti-virus software to resist computer viruses, use partition magic to manage hard drive partitions, backup files to prevent data loss in advance. Through these operations, users can protect data well. However, after resource data and backup data are already lost, they are helpless. So, it is high time to employ recovery freeware for Win 7.

Why do users need recovery freeware for Win 7?
Why users need recovery freeware for Win7? In this information era, almost all Win 7 users are accustomed to processing, transferring and receiving data on Windows 7 computer. Besides, they can collect and share great deal of data via the Internet. Without recovery freeware for Win 7, users will suffer lots of troubles under these situations:
1. When lots of data are lost, users have to spend lots of energy and time regaining data. For instance, recreate PPT files prepared for the meeting.
2. Lost data can’t be recreated. For instance, when the pictures recording wedding are lost, users can hardly get the same pictures if they don’t carry out data recovery.
However, even under these situations, some users still doubt whether recovery freeware for Win 7 is powerful and reliable enough. Indeed, recovery freeware for Win 7 can’t solve data loss problems resulting from physical damage. But most commonly seen data loss problems result from non-physical factors. Besides, recovery freeware for Win 7 provides with cost-effective data recovery services, and guide users to carry out operations personally, reducing the data leakage rate.

The best recovery freeware for Win 7 – MiniTool Power Data Recovery
As long as users employ and use the best recovery freeware for Win 7 – MiniTool Power Data Recovery, they are shocked by the magic data recovery effect. Please view its main interface here.

This recovery freeware for Win 7 has multiple data recovery functional modules – “Undelete Recovery”, “Damaged Partition Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery” and “CD/DVD Recovery”. Each of the functional modules can deal with one or more data loss problems. By following the operating prompts of this recovery freeware for Win 7, users can solve diverse commonly seen data recovery work. Besides Windows 7, it also works well under most Windows operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 8. And this recovery freeware for Win 7 is compatible with most commonly seen file systems such as FAT32, NTFS and HFS+. Users can also use it to carry out data recovery for almost all commonly seen formations such as .pst, .dbx, .mdf, text files, graphic files and video files.

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