Server 2008 data recovery

By virtue of outstanding features like higher security and faster running speed, Windows Server 2008 is preferred by lots of server users. In daily server management, managing partition is a piece of requisite work if users want to make Server 2008 run better. However, during Server 2008 partition management, users may perform mistaken operations which can lead to partition loss. In addition to mistaken operation, both virus attack and software error are main reasons for partition loss. Once partition loss appears, all data stored on lost partition will be lost, too. If there is a copy, lost data can be restored very easily. Otherwise, users have to perform Server 2008 data recovery from lost partition. Since data stored on server are quite important or even confidential, many server users are unwilling to ask professional data recovery companies for help. That is because they are afraid of meeting privacy leakage. Then, almost all server users hope to complete Server 2008 data recovery by themselves.
With the emergence of data recovery software, server users are able to accomplish data recovery in person. But in the process of choosing data recovery software, users should be cautious, because inferior data recovery software may result in data recovery failure or even cause other important data to be lost. Here, we will introduce a piece of data recovery software which is able to recover data lost due to almost all logical errors. More importantly, it will not bring any bad influence on data. It is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Through visiting, users can free download it.

Recover data by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
If we want to use this data recovery software, we should confirm it has been installed to computer. Then, run it to open its main interface like this:

Here, 5 data recovery modules are provided. Since we need to perform Server 2008 data recovery from lost partition, we should select the functional module specially designed for lost partition data recovery, namely “Lost Partition Recovery”. Then, select the disk where partition loss emerges and click corresponding button to scan selected disk. When data recovery software finds desired lost partition, we should open the partition to show files. At last, check data which need recovering and save them to a safe place. After this operation, Server 2008 data recovery from lost partition is finished completely.

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