Undelete Files Free

Deleting important accidentally often happens in the process of using computers. It will lead to data loss problems which will cause serious consequences in our lives and work. Fortunately, deleted files can be recovered. Professionals are able to recover deleted files and users just need to pay for it. And nowadays, it is even not necessary to resort to professionals because some data recovery software is able to undelete files free, for example, MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then we'll show how to undelete files on Windows 7 with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Undeleting files on Windows 7
First of all, please visit the official website https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/ to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and install it to Windows 7. Then launch it and we'll see its main interface, as follows.

Click "Undelete Recovery" module. We'll see the following interface.

Select the partition where the deleted files are and click "Recover" to scan it. The following interface will be shown.

Those files marked with red crosses are deleted files. Find and check the ones that will be recovered and then click "Save Files" to store them to a safe location.

There are several points we should pay attention to before data recovery. After data are deleted, please don't store any new data to the area where the deleted data are. Therefore, we should not install data recovery software to the partitions containing deleted data. And the recovered data must not be saved to the partition, either.

The other four modules are also able to recover lost files in different situations. "Damaged Partition Recovery" is able to recover data from formatted partition; "Lost Partition Recovery" module can recover files from deleted partition and lost partition; "Digital Media Recovery" can recover digital media files; "CD/DVD Recovery" is able to recover lost data from CD and DVD. We can get detailed operation procedures from the official website.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: