Windows 7 data recovery tool

With the development of computer technology, Windows 7 has replaced classical Windows XP and becomes the most popular operating system. Because of the large population of users, Windows 7 becomes the target for many hackers and virus attacks. Therefore, Windows 7 users should carefully protect their data. However, even the most careful protection may go wrong sometimes. Once the operating system is attacked by virus, malware or hacker, users may suffer from huge losses. Thus, every Windows 7 user hopes to find a way to recover lost data timely and effectively after data loss. In general, there are mainly two methods for Windows 7 data recovery if users want to recover lost data in Windows 7 while they know nothing about data recovery, namely turning to professional data recovery companies and downloading professional data recovery software. Professional data recovery companies are able to recover data which are lost due to both hardware damage and soft fault at the expense of paying much money and risking private data. Professional data recovery software can help users with almost all kinds of lost data recovery, such as accidentally deleted data recovery, maliciously deleted data recovery, accidentally formatted partition data recovery, and lost partition data recovery. Nevertheless, it can’t help users recover data which are lost due to hardware damage. In conclusion, professional data recovery software is the best choice for Windows 7 data recovery when data loss problem is caused by soft fault.

How to recover lost data in Windows 7 with the help of professional data recovery software?
If users want to finish Windows 7 data recovery, they should download the professional data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery at Then, install it on Windows 7 and run it to enter the main interface:

In this main interface, users can find five different function modules: “Undelete Recovery”, “Damaged Partition Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery” and “CD/DVD Recovery”, which are designed for different data loss situations. When users put mouse cursor on each function module, detailed functions will appear at the bottom of main interface. If users want to recover lost data in Windows 7, they should choose the corresponding function module according to actual situations and operate in accordance with tips from professional data recovery software. Detailed tips can help Windows 7 users realize lost data recovery perfectly.

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