Windows 7 file recovery free

In the process of Windows 7 use, users often meet file loss caused by different kinds of factors such as mistaken operation, malicious deletion, and software crash. If important data are lost, users may suffer serious economic losses or spiritual losses. However, though file loss may bring users serious losses, Many Windows 7 users have to suffer losses since they do not know how to get lost files back.
In fact, lost files can be recovered easily as long as users can find a good method. Nowadays, many Windows 7 users choose to ask professional data recovery companies for help when they encounter file loss, but most of them are unwilling to take this solution any more since professionals often charge extremely high file recovery fees. Well, is there a free or cheap but good method for Windows 7 file recovery? Next, we will introduce such a good method, namely using free file recovery software to recover lost files. Nevertheless, really excellent free file recovery software is so little that many Windows 7 users can not find desired one. If users haven’t found excellent free file recovery software, try using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is able to recover deleted files, recover lost files from deleted/lost/damaged partition as well as CD/DVD, and recover digital media files only. For detailed operations of Windows 7 file recovery, please look at the following demonstration.

Recover lost files with free file recovery software
Before Windows 7 file recovery, please download this free file recovery software to computer, and users had better download it from its official website or from professional downloading website. After installation, we can run it to recover lost files.

This is the main interface of the free file recovery software. Here, we need to select a suitable module according to reasons for file loss. Then, detailed prompts will appear in every interface, and users should perform Windows 7 file recovery according to given prompts. When desired files are saved to a safe place, Windows 7 file recovery will end successfully.

If users are troubled by Windows 7 file loss, try using this free file recovery software to recover lost files.

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