Windows 7 file recovery software

Compared with Windows XP, Windows 7 has many advantages like higher security, faster running speed, and better partition management. Therefore, there are more and more Windows 7 users. However, with the increase of Windows 7 user, many virus developers target this operating system. As a result, file loss caused by virus attack often emerges in Windows 7, and users have to suffer losses brought by file loss.
Actually, apart from virus attack, mistaken operation and software error are other 2 main reasons for Windows 7 file loss. If important files are lost and can not be recovered timely and completely, users are easy to suffer serious losses. To recover lost files timely, users had better resort to professional file recovery software, which can save much money and avoid privacy leakage effectively. However, there is so much file recovery software on the software market, and users do not know which one to choose. Now, we recommend a piece of Windows 7 file recovery software which owns mighty file recovery competence as well as high security. Through visiting, users can free download it. After installation, it can be used to perform Windows 7 file recovery. Detailed operating steps are shown below.

Recover lost files by using Windows 7 file recovery software
1. Run this Windows 7 file recovery software to get its main interface:

2. Select a suitable module to recover lost files. In the main interface, 5 file recovery modules are provided. Different modules are designed for different file loss situations. Here, we take recovering deleted files for example, so we should select the functional module “Undelete Recovery”.
3. Choose the partition where Windows 7 file recovery will be made and click “Recover” button to scan target partition.
4. Check files which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to set save path.
When desired files are saved to a safe place, Windows 7 file recovery is finished completely.
If users also need to recover lost files in Windows 7, try using this Windows 7 file recovery software.

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