Windows 8 file recovery program

File recovery is still a hot topic among Windows users, and Windows 8 user is not an exception. In Windows 8, file security is threatened by lots of factors such as mistaken operation, malicious attack, and hardware damage. When encountering file loss situations, users should analyze reasons at first, and then take corresponding data recovery measures. If file loss is caused by hardware damage, users should ask professional data recovery companies for help. If file loss results from soft errors, users had better perform Windows 8 file recovery by using professional data recovery software.
Most Windows 8 users would be quite familiar with data recovery software, but they do not know which one to choose since there is so much inferior data recovery software on the internet. If they recover lost files in Windows 8 by using inferior data recovery software, lost data may be damaged for the second time or even lost forever. Therefore, almost all Windows 8 users hope to find a piece of data recovery software which can help accomplish Windows 8 file recovery easily, safely, and completely. In order to help users realize their desire, we recommend using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is able to recover deleted files and supports Windows 8 file recovery from lost partition, logically damaged partition, and slightly damaged CD/DVD. Operations are extremely simple.

How to recover lost files in Windows 8 by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
Before Windows 8 file recovery, we need to download and install the professional data recovery software to computer. Here is the official website After that, run this software to enter its main interface like this:

In the main interface, we need to select a functional module to perform Windows 8 file recovery according to file loss situations. For instance, if file loss is caused by partition loss, we should select the functional module specially designed for lost partition data recovery, namely “Lost Partition Recovery”. After that, detailed prompts will be given, and we should take operations according to these prompts. When all desired files are saved to a safe place, Windows 8 file recovery ends successfully.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: