Windows 8 file recovery

Nowadays, file recovery is not a strange topic for Windows users, because they often need to recover lost files. Aiming at different file loss situations, users should choose different methods for file recovery. To recover files lost because of physical damage, users should resort to professional file recovery companies. If file loss is caused by soft errors, users had better choose file recovery software, which can help save much money and time. Indeed, as long as users find a piece of suitable file recovery software, Windows file recovery can be realized very easily and safely. Nevertheless, Windows 8 users are not that lucky. As we know, Windows 8 is the latest desktop Windows operating system. Therefore, much file recovery software does not support Windows 8, let alone help accomplish Windows 8 file recovery.
To recover lost files in Windows 8, users should select a piece of file recovery software which can be compatible with Windows 8. But for most users, this is a piece of quite difficult work. Main reasons are as follows:
1. Windows 8 file recovery software is so little.
2. Most Windows 8 file recovery software has defects.
3. Some Windows 8 file recovery software is pretty expensive.

In order to help users find professional Windows 8 file recovery software, we recommend visiting to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This file recovery software not only supports Windows 8 perfectly but can help recover files lost due to almost all soft errors such as mistaken deletion, malicious deletion, accidental formatting, partition loss, and logical partition damage. Moreover, Windows 8 file recovery can be realized in quite simple operations. If users do not believe what we said, please look at the following example.

Recover deleted files by using Windows 8 file recovery software
Step 1: download and install the Windows 8 file recovery software to computer.
Step 2: run software to open the main interface:

Step 3: select “Undelete Recovery” module to recover deleted files.
Step 4: choose the partition where Windows 8 file recovery will be made and scan it to look for deleted files.
Step 5: check files needing to be recovered and save them to another partition or other storage devices.
After that, Windows 8 file recovery is finished thoroughly by using professional Windows 8 file recovery software.

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