Windows data recovery program

In the information-based society, data is the carrier of information. If important data are lost, significant information will be lost. Then, users have to suffer serious losses. If users want to avoid data loss effectively, they should take the following measures:
  • Install anti-virus software to detect and kill virus.
  • Open Windows firewall to intercept malicious attack.
  • Use reliable programs and do not visit unknown websites or links.
  • Pay attention to every operation to avoid mistaken operation.

However, no matter how many measures users take, data loss can only be avoided effectively but can not be avoided thoroughly. When data loss emerges, users should do Windows data recovery timely. To recover lost data of Windows, users can resort to professional data recovery companies or professional Windows data recovery program. If users are unwilling to pay high data recovery fees or fear of privacy leakage, they should choose the second solution, namely asking professional Windows data recovery program for help. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find an excellent Windows data recovery program since inferior programs are everywhere. And inferior Windows data recovery program may result in more serious data loss situations.
In order to help users recover lost data of Windows better, we recommend an absolutely excellent Windows data recovery program – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Next, let’s see how to realize Windows data recovery by using this Windows data recovery program.

Recover lost data of Windows by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, please visit to download this Windows data recovery program. After installation, launch it to open its main interface:

In the main interface, please choose a module to recover lost files of Windows. Different modules have different functions. For instance, “Undelete Recovery” can help recover deleted data while “Damaged Partition Recovery” aims at recovering lost data from logically damaged partition. After selecting suitable module according to practical situations, users should take operations according to given prompts. When professional Windows data recovery program displays all data it found, users need to check data which need recovering and save them to another storage device. Then, Windows data recovery program helps recover lost data of Windows completely.

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