Windows data restoration

Windows operating system is quite familiar to almost all computer users since it is the most popular operating system all over the world. However, because of unmatchable market share, Windows suffers much more attacks than any other operating system. Once an operating system is attacked by virus, hacker, or other malware, users will encounter different kinds of problems like data loss, partition loss, and system crash. To solve different problems, users should take different measures. For instance, if users want to deal with the problem of data loss, they can perform Windows data restoration by using professional data recovery software; if they want to solve the problem of partition loss, they can restore lost data and recreate a new partition to save original data; if system crash appears, they need to reinstall operating system.
Talking about data recovery software, many users feel helpless since they are unfamiliar with data recovery software industry and fear of downloading software which has serious defects. Indeed, it is reasonable to have this worry because the current software market is filled with inferior data recovery software. But today, we will introduce a piece of professional data recovery software which can help accomplish Windows data restoration perfectly. It is MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
As we know, malicious attack may delete important data, format important partition, or even delete partition. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to restore deleted data and restore lost data from deleted partition, lost partition, formatted partition, and inaccessible partition. Moreover, it can be compatible with all commonly seen Windows operating systems.

Restore lost data in Windows by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
At first, visit the official website to download the professional data recovery software and install it to computer.
Then, run it to open its main interface:

Next, choose a suitable module to restore lost data according to data loss situations. For example, if data loss is caused by partition loss, users should choose the functional module “Lost Partition Recovery”.
Then, scan the device where data loss appears.
At last, check data which need recovering and save them to another storage device.
After that, Windows data restoration is finished. If users are troubled by Windows data loss, try using this professional data recovery software.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: