Windows file recovery software

Speaking of file recovery, many users will think of un-deleting files from recycle bin. This is just the simplest file recovery operation. When users encounter data loss event resulting from more complicated situations, for instance, users can’t normally access to partition, using the professional Windows file recovery software is the right choice. Windows file recovery software is designed to help common users recover lost files, so it generally has user-friendly interface, comprehensive data recovery functions, simple operations and detailed operating prompts. No matter whether users know professional data recovery knowledge, you can complete Windows file recovery by clicking mouse for several times. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is just the ideal Windows file recovery software for all common computer users.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides users with comprehensive functions
If users encounter file loss problems resulting from non-physical factors such as accidental data deletion, accidental partition formatting, partition loss, partition deletion and virus attacks, use MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best method.
Start this Windows file recovery software to enter the main interface, as follows:

Each of the five functional modules on the main interface can deal with one or more data loss problems. So, the most important thing is to choose suitable functional module according to the real data loss situations. Learn how to make choice through information below:
Undelete Recovery: With this functional module, users are able to recover files cleared from the recycle bin or directly deleted with “Shift”+ “Delete”.
Damaged Partition Recovery: If partition is inaccessible, formatted or logically damaged, use this functional module to recover data.
Lost Partition Recovery: It helps recover important files from deleted or accidentally lost partition.
Digital Media Recovery: This functional module enables users to recover lost data from digital media such as digital camera, smart phone, memory card and T-flash card.
CD/DVD Recovery: It can be regarded as the best assistant recovering lost important files from optical storage mediums such as CD or DVD.

During the whole operating process, users just need to follow the operating prompts. If you want to experience it, download MiniTool Power Data Recovery via the official website now!

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