Windows file recovery

Nowadays, Windows is the most popular operating system all over the world. Indeed, Windows owns a lot of attractive features and brings users much convenience. Nevertheless, Windows users are troubled by lots of problems like file loss. If important files are lost and can not be recovered completely, users may suffer serious economic losses or spiritual losses. To recover files, users should analyze reasons for file loss at first, because file recovery solutions should vary from file loss situation to file loss situation. To sum up, there are 2 kinds of reasons for Windows file loss, namely hardware damage and logical errors. To recover files lost because of hardware damage, users had better resort to data recovery companies. To deal with file loss situations resulting from logical errors, users had better use file recovery software.

Why use file recovery software to perform Windows file recovery?
Using file recovery software is the best choice to recover files of Windows lost due to logical errors such as mistaken deletion, malicious deletion, partition loss, and logical partition damage. If we do Windows file recovery by using file recovery software, we can save a big sum of money. In addition, privacy leakage can be avoided effectively. Moreover, success rate and file recovery efficiency are no less than those of professional data recovery companies.

File recovery software recommendation
Though file recovery software can help recover files of Windows easily and completely, not any piece of file recovery software is suitable. If users want to make Windows file recovery easy, safe, and complete, they should select the software which has powerful functions, high security, high success rate, wide compatibility, and other advantages. Professional file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery can meet all these demands, and users can download it from

Recover files of Windows with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Before Windows file recovery, users need to download and install the professional file recovery software to computer (it can not be downloaded and installed to the partition where file loss emerges). Then, run it to open its main interface:

Here, please select a functional module to recover files of Windows according to file loss situations. “Undelete Recovery” is able to recover deleted files; “Damaged Partition Recovery” can help recover Windows files lost due to logical partition damage; “Lost Partition Recovery” is capable of recovering files from deleted/lost partition; “Digital Media Recovery” is specially designed to recover digital media files like photos, videos, and audios; “CD/DVD Recovery” targets recovering files from optical storage devices like CD and DVD. Then, perform Windows file recovery according to prompts.
As long as users take operations as told, professional file recovery software will make Windows file recovery easy, safe, and complete.

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