Windows PC data recovery

PC is short for personal computer, and there are many Windows PC users. For most PC users, data recovery is a piece of quite difficult work since they do not acquire much knowledge of data recovery. And they often ask for help on the internet. Let’s see an example.
Problem: I deleted some important data by mistake. When I realized data loss, I found recycle bin had been emptied. Though I know professional data recovery companies can help recover deleted data on Windows PC, I do not want to adopt this method since these companies will charge lots of money or even steal my private information. Well, how can I complete Windows PC data recovery?
Actually, if users want to recover deleted data easily and completely, they can resort to free Windows data recovery software. Here, we strongly suggest using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. In addition to deleted data, it can also help recover data lost due to partition loss, partition damage, and other soft errors. From, users can free download it. Next, let’s see how to accomplish Windows PC data recovery with this data recovery software.

Recover deleted data by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
After downloading and installing the professional data recovery software to computer, we can run it to perform Windows PC data recovery.

This is the main interface of the free data recovery software. To recover deleted data, we should choose the functional module “Undelete Recovery”. Then, select the partition where data loss appears and click “Recover” button to scan selected partition. After scan, click “Save Files” button to set save path.
After these simple operations, Windows PC data recovery will end successfully. To perform Windows server data recovery, you can also use this professional data recovery software.

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