Q: Can I recover mistakenly deleted files completely?

Actually, files deleted by means of clicking "Delete" or "Shift" and "Delete" will not disappear from hard disk immediately, and they are just marked with deletion mark, which makes operating system unable to visit and display deleted files. Therefore, as long as users own the powerful professional file recovery software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery, they can recover deleted files completely. However, there are several points which need to be noticed to furthest guarantee files recovery completeness.

1. Stop writing data in the partition where lost file is once mistaken deletion emerges.
2. Install MiniTool Power Data Recovery to the partition where deleted file recovery will not be performed.
3. Avoid saving the recovered files to the partition where file loss appears.

Doing as told, users can avoid the situation where deleted data are overwritten to the largest extent, thus recovering deleted files completely.