Lost Partition Recovery

Many computer users must have encountered partition loss due to some reasons. And certainly, all the data in the partition is also get lost. On this occasion, users may be very worried about the data loss because they don’t know how to carry out lost partition recovery all by themselves.

Luckily, we are going to recommend a piece of excellent image recovery software to restore data from lost partition. It’s called MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is a professional recovery tool for data, image as well as partition recovery.

Here is a demonstration of how to conduct lost partition recovery with this image recovery software.

Open MiniTool Power Data Recovery and enter this interface. Activate “Lost Partition Recovery” module to accomplish the task. This module is designed for data recovery from hard disk including mistakenly deleted partitions, and drives without partition table because of virus attack. 

When users select this recovery module, they will see a list of physical devices that are connected to host computer. 

If the device is not found on the list, please click “Refresh” button to make the device seen in the list or verify whether the device is properly connected or whether there are any hardware problems with the device. 

Select a disk in which partitions get lost. Then, click “Full Scan” to begin searching partitions on it. This function will scan the whole device, collect and analyze every byte on the device. After the scanning process is completed, a partition list page will be displayed.

In fact, in the partition list page, all the partitions listed there are in an abnormal state and usually users cannot see them in the Windows Explorer as well as Disk Management Console. That's why this recovery module is named "Lost Partition Recovery".

For each one listed here, MiniTool Power Data Recovery displays a number of statistics, including the file system of partition and its size in GB/MB.

Next, select the desired partition and click “Save” to restore the data of this partition to another partition.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery will permit users to choose only one partition each time to recover the data. Users can preview the selected partition to check the content of it before saving the data. This is because users can avoid spending much time recovering the unwanted data by doing so.

This version of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to help users conduct lost partition recovery for free. Hurry to download this image recovery software and users are able to restore data from lost partition conveniently.