10 Signs That May Drive Disk To Die & Recover Files From Dead Hard Disk

Equipped with obvious advantages like large capacity and fast speed, hard disk is the most important part in computer. Tough the speed of computer is much faster than that of many other storage devices, such as memory stick, memory card, USB flash drive and CD/DVD, it is quite slow when compared to CPU processing speed. Therefore, RAID and iRAM appear on the market in a row. Undeniably, the whole performance of hard disk will be greatly enhanced once the speed is lifted.

10 Signs That May Cause Hard Drive to Die

Certainly, data loss can be a real disaster and even a nightmare for a computer user since many significant files are often saved in hard drive. Thankfully, hard drives will show us warning signs sometimes before they’re going to die. At this time, we should pay special attention to it to avoid necessary files being lost forever. According to user experience, we summarized ten signs that indicate your hard drive is going to die. Please read them carefully to rescue data from hard drive before it is actually dead.

1.The error message occurs frequently when you perform normal operations on computer, such as moving files.
2.If the file/folder names are scrambled and changed, there’s must be something wrong with your hard drive.
3.The mysterious missing of files or folders is also a sign that indicates hard drive damage.
4.If it really takes users too much time to access a file/folder/program, the hard drive may be attacked by virus or going to break down inside.

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5.System crash or auto-reboot will be performed frequently when hard drive damage is generated.
6.Hard drive can be found in BIOS sometimes, but in other cases, it will disappear or can’t be formatted or used normally.
7.Strange sound is heard when data are reading from hard drive.
8.System prompts that hard disk driver can’t be installed correctly.
9.The “bang bang” noise will be produced during computer starting process after the hard drive has been used for a certain period of time.
10.Bad tracks are frequently detected in hard disk.

Users had better form the good habit of backing up important data regularly, so that even a vital file is missing, they can resort to the backup directly to recover file from hard disk. However, if users haven’t backed up any data, they have to seize time to get the backup work done when above signs are found. If the hard drive is really dead or needed files are disappeared, please consider recovering data from hard drive with a reliable hard drive recovery program or by asking professional recovery companies for help.

Hard Disk Functions and Maintenance

As you may know, hard disk is a kind of mechanical device, which is formed by a plurality of stacked circular discs. The head and the disc are closer to each other through arm and the data are stored in and read from hard disk by taking bit as unit. Hard disk is mainly acting as the center for saving, exchanging and managing data.

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In data storage process, system firstly loads data into memory through the disk controller, and then, the computer will write data into hard disk in form of magnetic recording. The data cache can be divided into two types, write-through and write-back, according to different data writing modes. All in all, hard disk is mainly used to store data; the hard disk capacity, rotational speed and many other indicators have a great impact on computer performance as a whole.

As for the service life of hard disk, it could be at least 30,000 hours. That is to say, if hard disk is used in a proper way, it will still be in service 10 years later. Yet, the drive performance will be getting worse as time goes by. And if the hard disk is used continuously (24 hours a day), then, it is going to die in 3 years. The actual service life of hard drive is based on the total number of data that have been read from and written into it. Under normal circumstances, the more the hard disk read and write time is, the shorter the life expectancy will be.

Hard disk belongs to precision machinery. The hard disk platters, drive motors, magnetic head and head servo motor, which are included in hard disk, are all mechanical devices and they (especially magnetic head and head servo motor) will be worn during working. The more the data are reading from or writing into hard disk, the more frequent the operation is and the more serious the wear will be caused. This is the reason why performance of hard drive is declining after it has been using for a certain period of time.

Currently, hard drive manufacturers make hard drive by adopting advanced and sophisticated technology, greatly lowering the hard disk failure rate. Yet, only proper maintenance and usage can guarantee excellent performance, high data security and long service life. Once data important to users are lost somehow, users will be depressed and concentrate on how to recover file from hard disk. There are eight tips for achieving great maintenance and minimize data loss possibility.

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1.Make the best use of disk management tool, such as MiniTool Partition Wizard, to improve overall system performance.

You can achieve move/resize partition, create partition, extend partition, merge partition, split partition and many other fundamental operations through using MiniTool Partition Wizard.

2.Be particularly careful and try to avoid vibration when it is necessary to move hard disk from one place to another.

When you need to move hard disk, it is best to wait about ten seconds after you turn off the computer. The hard drive is rotating at a very fast speed when computer is working, so even a gentle shake may cause friction between discs and read-write head, resulting in diskette bad track or read-write head damage. Wait patiently until the hard disk has been completely stopped to move/restart the computer. In this way, momentary power surge damage could be avoided.

3.Don’t open the hard cover on your own.

Hard drive manufacturing and assembly process is carried out under absolutely clean environment. Once the hard drive cover has been opened casually, dust will be brought into the hard disk with the air. So head or disc damage may be caused, resulting in data loss. Even if the hard disk can still be used after that, its service life will certainly be greatly shortened.

4.Be careful to get rid of high temperature, low temperature, moisture and electromagnetic interference.

Whether the temperature is too high or too low, the clock frequency of crystal oscillator will be changed; the hard disk circuit components failure will be caused; the magnetic media recording error will occur and the short circuit may take place. The appropriate temperature range is 20 – 25 degrees centigrade.

When the humidity is too high, a layer of water film will be formed on the surface of electronic components. This will oxidize and corrode electronic circuit, leading to poor contact, magnetic force change and short circuit, and it will eventually end up in data loss. When the humidity is too low, large amounts of static charge generated due to the rotation of machine is easy to be accumulated. It will burn CMOS circuit and absorb dust and finally damage magnetic head and scratch disk platter. The appropriate humidity range is 45 – 65%.

In addition, try not putting the hard drive near any strong magnetic field, such as speakers, so as to avoid data damage caused by magnetization.

5.Organize the hard drive regularly.

Regular hard drive organization is able to increase speed and hit rate. If there are too many fragments accumulated in hard drive, the hit rate will be reduced and the track may be damaged.

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6.Pay attention to prevent viruses and Trojan horse programs.

Hard disk is found to be the focus target of computer virus, so users are advised to kill virus and backup important data at fixed periods. And they’re suggested not to run applications or open email attachments from unknown sources.

7.Go find the sellers or manufacturers as soon as possible to replace or repair the hard drive with back track when it’s still in warranty period.

For those hard drives that are beyond warranty period, users should try to avoid formatting the hard drive to reduce the spread of bad clusters.

8.Please turn off the computer properly.

Follow those tips strictly and users will keep data loss away from them. So they will not be bothered by thinking about how to recover lost files from hard drive.

Ways to Deal with Dead Hard Disk and Recover File from Hard Disk

To be honest, whether a dead hard disk can be recovered or not depends on its damage degree and damage type. But the fact is users still have chance to recover lost files from hard drive as long as the files are not overwritten by new data. Here are some common solutions we summarized on the basis of actual cases.

  • Recover file from hard disk 5 Manufacturer maintenance: we have found that the platter of a brand new hard drive is not 100% flawless when it comes out from manufacturers. This is because the platter is very precise and has a high requirement in manufacturing environment. So even a speck of dust or a minor collision could lead to a few to hundreds of bad sectors.

    Therefore, if a hard drive is dead and it is not caused by human factors (like physical scratch and logical damage during using), users can choose to send their hard drive back to manufactures for maintenance as long as it doesn’t exceed the warranty period. But before users do this, please remember to backup hard drive data if it’s possible.

  • Data recovery company help: once meeting hard disk fail problem when important files are saved there, some users may choose to ask professional data recovery companies for help. This is actually an actionable way to fix hard disk and recover files from hard disk. However, the most disadvantages of this way are high cost and the possibility of privacy leakage.

  • Third-party software repair: sometimes, a hard disk is dead just because of users’ improper operations, virus attacks or other reasons. It has nothing to do with the hard disk quality and physical damage. In this case, users are advised to use third-party software to repair their hard disk and recovery needed files from it. When it comes to this point, we believe MiniTool Power Data Recovery/MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a right choice.

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    Here, we’ll take Windows OS as an example to tell users how to get back data from dead hard drive with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Get the free edition of this hard disk data recovery program on the condition that you can access hard drive as usual. Then, choose a suitable module on the main interface to start recovery -> select the drive to scan -> choose needed files from scan result and save them out. One thing you need to pay attention to is that you can only recover 1GB data by using this free version. To recover more data, you need to pay for an extra license.

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    If you’re not able to access OS after the hard disk is dead. At this time, no matter what methods you want to choose to repair the hard drive, you need to recover useful data from it firstly by making use of boot edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. The recovery process is basically the same to that in free edition except one point: you have to finish startup settings modification to make computer boot from the MiniTool Power Data Recovery boot disk you’ve made. Go to this link to see detailed steps.
For users who are facing failed hard drive problem caused by physical damage, the first and the second way could be more helpful than the last one. After comparing the deficiencies of those two ways, users need to choose a preferred way to complete hard drive repair for further use.

Note: the most obvious deficiencies of manufacturer maintenance is that all data saved in the hard drive may be lost since low-level format would be performed to hard disk with parameter error or manufacturers will send users a new hard disk if the previous one has quality issue. Yet, the deficiencies of data recovery company help are high cost and privacy leakage possibility, as we said before. In this case, if users are not able to access the hard drive anymore, let alone backup data in it, we suggest them quit the idea of getting manufacturer maintenance.

On the contrary, for users who want to complete recovering lost files from dead hard drive after they accidentally deleted necessary boot files (or when the problem is caused by other logical reasons like virus attacks), they are advised to adopt a hard drive recovery program for the repair work.

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