Advanced disk recovery

As this information-based society develops, we would like to store all information to various kinds of disks. The application of disk brings us large storage capacity as well as great risks. Facing possibility of disk data loss, we are supposed to manage disk well in every aspects. At the same time, we ought to do our best to perform disk recovery. However, disk data recovery is risky, so we should find out reasons for data loss first of all and then we can carry out advanced disk recovery. Then what are the common faults contributing to disk data losses?

Analysis of common faults in disk
Disk faults related to data are generally divided into physical faults, logical faults and artificial faults.
Physical faults
Physical faults mean that hardware damage happens to disk itself, making disk unable to operate and recognize data and access data. The detailed reasons are following.
1. Circuit fault, circuit board burning up or control chip damage: for these reasons, disk is not able to operate normally and data can not be read.
2. Firmware damage: firmware is hardware program controlling the normal operation of disk. If firmware is damaged, disk will fail to work.
3. Faults of magnetic head and motor: these faults cause reading failure of disk data, which is equal to data loss.
4. Disc damage: disc is the carrier of data and disc damage will lead to data loss directly.

Logical faults
Logical faults are related to file systems through which data read-write is realized. If fault of disk file systems happens, we can not find disk data, which means data are lost. Logical faults include the following points.
1. Partition Table loss: if Partition Table is lost, data can not be read and written in normally.
2. Boot sector failure: since boot sector defines the most important parameters of disk partition, we can not perform operation to disk data if boot sector fails.
3. Damage of file index and other metadata: data are distributed on disk according to definite structures. If this kind of structures is destroyed, data integrity is damaged, and data are lost.

Artificial damage
Generally artificial damage is the main reason for data losses. No matter our mistaken operation or invasion of hackers or viruses, both are likely to cause data loss. These situations are too many to be displayed.

Advanced disk recovery method
As to data losses caused by physical damage of disk, we have to turn to professional data recovery companies and they will use special equipment to recover lost data. Encountering data losses resulting from logical faults or artificial damage, we can use the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery to carry out advanced disk recovery. Why is this disk recovery software used? Firstly, in light of the complicacy of data faults, MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides five data recovery modules with pertinence, which helps users perform advanced disk recovery in different situations. Secondly, Boot CD of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to recover lost data under the situation where system crashes. Lastly, simple and safe operation of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the most important reason why we choose it to perform disk recovery. Then we will use the disk recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery to realize advanced disk recovery from damaged partition, experiencing its powerful data recovery function.
First of all, launch the disk recovery software.

We can see different data recovery modules in its main interface. Click "Damaged Partition Recovery" to recover lost data from damaged partition.

In this interface, we can see all partitions in computer. Select the partition where advanced disk recovery will be performed and click "Full Scan" button to scan the partition. After the scan is finished, the following interface will be shown.

In this interface, select the partition which has the highest "Suggested" value. After that, click "Show Files" button to enter data recovery interface.

Check data that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to save recovered files. Until now, we have finished disk data recovery from damaged partition.

The disk recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery has so advanced disk recovery functions, so what are you hesitating about? Just download and install this advanced disk recovery software to you computer. For more detailed information of its other functions, please visit its official website

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