Bootable data recovery

Recently, we often receive users' emails asking for help in data recovery from crashed operating system. And we'll introduce an effective and simple method.

Practical situation: My Windows 7 crashed and I wanted to reinstall it. But there are some important files stored on desktop. How can I recover those files since Windows 7 can not boot?

Solution: Users can use bootable data recovery software to recover files from desktop.
Common professional data recovery software needs operating system as a platform, and then they can recover lost data. When the operating system crashes, the professional data recovery software can not carry out data recovery. At this time, if users want to recover lost data from crashed operating system, bootable data recovery software is needed. Users can make bootable data recovery disk and then boot data recovery software via computer driver or USB interface. And data recovery will be realized easily.

Recovering lost files from crashed Windows 7 with bootable data recovery software
First, please visit the official website to download bootable edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery and burn the files to CD or U disk to make bootable disk.

After booting MiniTool Power Data Recovery via computer driver or USB interface, users will see the following interface.

In this interface, four data recovery modules are displayed. Please click "Damaged Partition Recovery" module to recover files from the desktop of crashed Windows 7. Then the following interface will be shown.

In this interface, select Windows 7 system partition and click "Open" button. Then please find and check the important files on desktop according to file save path. After all files are stored to a safe location, data recovery from crashed Windows 7 is finished as well.

The above is only brief introduction to data recovery from crashed Windows 7. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery also has many other functions. With its bootable edition, users don't have to worry about data recovery from crashed operating systems.

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