Data recovery wizard

Most computer users think that once data is lost, it is very hard to recover. Only professional data recovery companies or professional data recovery staffs can recover lost data. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The reason why most users think data recovery is a difficult work is that there is no suitable data recovery wizard so that they can't perform data recovery by themselves.

With the development of software industry, there have emerged many types of data recovery wizard that help users recover lost data. As long as you own a high-efficiency and professional data recovery wizard, data recovery is no longer a dream. How can we judge a data recovery wizard? Let's see what kind of data recovery wizard is professional and efficient enough.

As known to all, with the development of software technology, virus, Trojan, and Worm are so widely spreading through the whole computer industry, threatening our data security anytime. Therefore, we need a professional as well as efficient data recovery software to protect data security. Data recovery wizard that contains security threats may cause data damage or loss. We will never want to see these things happening.

As an efficient data recovery wizard, data recovery capability is an important element. It should have multiple data recovery methods that help users solve all kinds of data loss problems. In addition, the cost of a software should also be in consideration. If a software costs too much money, I think few users will buy it. Through this analysis, I think it is difficult for common users to find an efficient and professional data recovery wizard.

However, you don't need to worry anymore, because MiniTool Solution Ltd. has solved this problem. It has developed a piece of efficient and professional data recovery wizard named MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It has high security, great data recovery capability, as well as economical characteristic make it the best choice for you to recover lost data. Maybe through this simple introduction, you will still doubt the performance of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Let me show you more about MiniTool Power Data Recovery by recovering data from lost partition.

Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover data from lost partition
At first, you need to visit to download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery. After installing, launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

In this main interface, we can see all functional modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Users can select suitable functional module according to specific data loss situation. Now let's choose "Lost Partition Recovery":

Entering this interface, we can see all disks in the computer. The partition marked with red letters is the lately deleted partition. If we can find out the target partition, we can click "Recover" button after pitching on it to check all files in it. But if we can't find out the target partition in this interface, we should choose the disk where lost partition was, and click "Recover" button to scan the lost partition:

After scanning, we can see the lost partitions in this interface. Select the partition needing data recovery, and click "Show Files" to check files in it:

Entering this interface, check the files you need to recover, and click "Save Files" button to save checked files. At last, we have finished all work of recovering data from lost partition successfully.

This is the presentation of recovering data from lost partition with the powerful data recovery wizard – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. I believe you will fall in love with this magical data recovery software because it is the best.

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