Free data recovery programs

As a commonly used data recovery method, free data recovery programs have helped many users recover much many important data. Maybe, users who are unfamiliar with free data recovery programs first think of professional data recovery companies when their important data are lost. Undeniably, this is a good method. Professional data recovery companies are able to recover data lost due to almost all logical faults as well as a part of data lost because of hardware failure. Nevertheless, not anybody can afford high data recovery fees. But luckily, there is more than 1 method for data recovery, and free data recovery program is also a good choice.

The most economical method for data recovery
When hearing of free data recovery programs for the first time, some users may think data recovery competence of free data recovery program is much inferior to that of professional data recovery companies. Actually, the fact is not like that. Though free data recovery programs are unable to help users recover important data lost due to hardware failure, it can recover data lost owning to commonly seen logical faults like mistaken deletion, logical partition damage, mistaken formatting, and partition loss. Since data recovery is performed by ourselves, privacy leakage can be avoided largely. Therefore, free data recovery program is the most economical method for lost data recovery.

How to recover important data from deleted partition by using free data recovery program?
After seeing the above content, some users are still doubtful about functions of free data recovery programs. Next, let's take deleted data recovery for example to remove the doubt.
Firstly, run free data recovery program to enter its main interface, like the following interface shows:

To recover important data from deleted partition, we should choose and click the functional module "Lost Partition Recovery" (when a partition is deleted, it is lost):

In this interface, the free data recovery program shows us all disks and deleted partitions. Select the deleted partition where data recovery will be performed and click "Recover" to scan data on the partition. After scan, the following interface will appear:

At last, check files we are going to recover and click "Save Files" button to save these data to a safe place. Then, we are successful to recover important data from deleted partition.
After seeing this introduction, all of you should get a basic understanding to free data recovery programs. If you want to know more functions in detail, you can visit the official website

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