Recover data from damaged partition

Though many computer users are used to partitioning hard disk, most of them do not know the reason for partitioning. As a matter of fact, performing partition management is good for data storage as well as data finding. In addition, it is also a good method for avoiding mistaken deletion. However, though there are many advantages to partition hard disk, users will feel annoyed if a certain partition is damaged. Once partition damage appears, users will encounter data loss. Well then, how to recover data from damaged partition? It is believed that many users want to know the answer. In general, as most computer users are unfamiliar with professional knowledge of data recovery and data recovery fees charged by data recovery companies are extremely high, using data recovery software becomes the best way to recover data from damaged partition. Nevertheless, though there is a lot of data recovery software to choose, most can only recover data from normal partition rather than damaged partition. Therefore, this kind of data recovery software can not meet users’ demands. At this time, users need to download a piece of better data recovery software for damaged partition data recovery or lost partition data recovery.

A piece of excellent data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Searching on the internet, users can find a lot of data recovery software, but it is difficult to download a piece of excellent data recovery software with all-sided functions. Aiming at this situation, we recommend using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is able to recover data from damaged partition, recover deleted data, recover data from lost partition, recover digital media data, and recover data from different kinds of external storage devices like U disk. Some users may ask how to get this excellent data recovery software. Now, visit the official website of the data recovery software to download it according to prompts.

How to recover data from damaged partition
After installation, users can launch the data recovery software to start damaged partition data recovery.

This is the main interface of the recommended data recovery software. Here, users need to choose the functional module “Damaged Partition Recovery” since this module is specially designed to recover data from damaged partition. Then, the following interface will appear:

Supposing that partition M is damaged, users should select partition M and click the functional button “Open” to open the selected partition:

In this interface, users can preview data by making use of the function “File Preview”. Then, check data which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to perform damaged partition data recovery according to prompts.

If users want to get detailed steps to recover data from damaged partition by using this data recovery software, welcome to its official website.

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