Recover deleted partition in Windows 8

Have you ever made a mistake and felt guilty and regretful for that? If your answer is yes, you don’t need to do that anymore because that doesn’t help at all. When you’ve done something wrong, no matter what the thing is, you should not waste time in regretting. What you should do in this situation is actually trying to find a remedy for that. For instance, if you accidentally deleted a partition in Windows 8, you have to find a way to recover deleted partition in Windows 8 as soon as possible to make up for the accident and minimize the losses that might bring by it.

Follow Instructions to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 8
Speaking of the way to restore data from deleted partition, most Windows 8 users feel lost. They are even not sure whether they can get Windows 8 partition data recovery done or not. That is mainly because they don’t know any good method or utility, which can be used to aid them in recovering deleted partition in Windows 8.

In this regard, we put forward a useful method for Windows 8 users to restore data from deleted partition. That is to adopt MiniTool Power Data Recovery and access lost partition files through “Lost Partition Recovery” function module. Here’s what users should do in order to recover deleted partition in Windows 8.

Preparations for Windows 8 partition data recovery: save running files and close all programs in Windows 8 immediately after accidental deletion of partition (to avoid possible data overwritten); then, get MiniTool Power Data Recovery installed in other partitions or storage devices that doesn’t include deleted partition (the latter is better).

Operations for recovering data from accidentally deleted Windows 8 partition:

First of all, initialize “Lost Partition Recovery” functional module from main interface that is seen after running MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Secondly, choose the disk that includes deleted partition and click “Recover” button to perform a full scan.

Thirdly, select the possible partition with highest “Suggested” value and press “Show Files” button to enter it to search for needed data. (If users haven’t find needed files in most suggested partition, they can try other possible partitions.)

Fourthly and lastly, check desired data and then save them to a safe location by clicking “Save Files” button.

When all files have been saved to specified location successfully, users should press “OK” button to end the process to recover deleted partition in Windows 8. Are you clear now? Please try MiniTool Power Data Recovery on your own right now.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: