Recover lost data

It is believed that most Windows users have the experience of computer being infected with viruses, only that virus types and their damage ability are different. If a computer partition storing important data becomes inaccessible because of virus attack, how to recover lost data? In the face of this problem, professional data recovery software may be the very choice for many users. The reason is simple. In most of the situations where a partition can not be accessed, it is only partition file system that is damaged, but File Allocation Table, root directory and partition data may be normal. Therefore, a piece of professional data recovery software is able to break of the limitation of partition file system and then access file records stored in FAT and root directory. According to the information, users can find and recover lost data with data recovery software.

Best choice for Windows data recovery – MiniTool Power Data Recovery
As users attach more and more importance to data recovery, there is more and more data recovery software in the software market. And some is really powerful, safe, excellent and easy to use, for example, MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This free data recovery software can recover lost data from common Windows operating systems and storage devices, able to meet users' different demands for data recovery, for example,
1. Recovering deleted data from various kinds of storage devices.
2. Recovering data from formatted, inaccessible and lost partition.
3. Recovering lost digital media files from computer.
4. Recovering lost data from CD and DVD.

We will make a brief introduction to MiniTool Power Data Recovery by taking data recovery from inaccessible partition for example.

Recovering lost data from inaccessible partition with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Before recovering lost data, please visit the official website to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and install it to the computer. Please click "Damaged Partition Recovery" in the starting interface to recover data from inaccessible partition, as follows.

Select the inaccessible partition and click "Open" button, shown as follows.

In data recovery interface, users can see files in the inaccessible partition. If there are too many files, users could click "Advanced Filter" button and a window will pop up, as follows.

Users can filter files according to file name, file size and creation time, which will greatly facilitate looking for desired files.

Do you also want to recover lost data from Windows quickly and accurately? The free data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery will be undeniably your best assistant. Please download it and have a try.

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