Free digital photo recovery

Digital photo is the digitalized shooting products, and it often refers to these works shot by digital camera. Therefore, it is the perfect combination of digital technology and shooting technology. With the unceasing development of digital products, digital photo becomes more and more common, and some of them have commercial value. Of course, common shooting works also have certain value. However, as digital technology is applied widely, problems occurring in digital products are more and more commonly seen. For example, digital photo loss often emerges, which will cause some memorable works to be lost. More seriously, economic losses may happen. Therefore, digital products users are unwilling to encounter digital photo loss.

However, there are so many factors which can result in digital photo loss, like virus attack, accidental operation, and storage device damage, so it is hard to avoid digital photo loss. Now that it is difficult to avoid digital photo loss, users should avoid losses brought by digital photo loss. And digital photo recovery is the best method. However, how to recover lost digital photo? At this time, we need the help of the professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Maybe, some users are unfamiliar with this digital photo recovery software and do not know why it is recommended to recover lost digital photo. Now, let me analyze the reasons.

Advantages of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Actually there is much data recovery software, but why is MiniTool Power Data Recovery recommended to recover lost digital photo? The main reason is that this data recovery software has a special digital media recovery module which can help users recover multiple kinds of digital media files like picture, video files and audio files quickly. Moreover, it has advanced filter function which is capable of filtering out undesired numerous digital media files in a short time, so we can save much time. And other data recovery software does not have this feature. Next, let's recover lost digital photo with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover lost digital photo with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
At first, visit to free download the professional digital photo recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then, connect the storage device where digital photo loss emerges to the computer and run the software:

In the main interface of this digital photo recovery software, select "Digital Media Recovery" module to enter the following interface:

Next, select the partition where digital photo loss occurs and click "Full Scan" to scan the whole partition:

After the scan is finished, we can see numerous digital media files found by MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Besides, these files are classified into different categories. Select the digital photos which need recovering and click "Save Files" button. Then, digital photo recovery is finished.

From the above demonstration, users can see MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a piece of quite professional digital photo recovery software. When your favorite pictures are lost, will you choose it to recover lost pictures?

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