Free Photo Recovery Windows 7

Photo recovery is a type of data recovery. Here, we will introduce free photo recovery in Windows 7.
There are 2 kinds of photo recovery in Windows 7: one is to recover lost photos from Windows 7 hard disk directly, and the other is to recover lost photos from mobile storage devices like SD card, U disk, and mobile HDD through Windows 7 operating system. Talking about free photo recovery in Windows 7, many users will think of using professional data recovery software. This is indeed an effective method. However, the key point is how to choose suitable software. Much data recovery software can only recover deleted photos. But for photo loss resulting from serious factors like partition formatting, virus infection, and partition loss, this kind of data recovery software does not work. In addition, different storage devices always adopt different file systems, and even one storage device has multiple file systems. Therefore, needed data recovery software should own strong compatibility. In addition, price is a big factor for many common users.
Summarizing the above factors, users can use the professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform free photo recovery in Windows 7.

Free photo recovery in Windows 7
First of all, please download this professional data recovery software for free from its official website and then install it to computer (note: do not install it to the partition where lost photos were originally stored. Otherwise, lost photos may be overwritten). Then, launch software to get the following interface:

This is the starting interface of the free data recovery software. It provides users with 5 data recovery modules which can be used to cope with different data loss situations respectively. If users want to recover deleted files quickly, they can choose "Undelete Recovery" module; to recover lost data from formatted partition or logically damaged partition, they can use "Damaged Partition Recovery"; for CD/DVD data recovery, "CD/DVD Recovery" module is a good choice; for lost data in deleted partition or lost partition, "Lost Partition Recovery" can be chosen; as to digital media files, users can choose "Digital Media Recovery" module to recover lost digital media files only. If users want to accomplish free photo recovery in Windows 7, please choose "Digital Media Recovery" module. Next, let's see detailed steps:
1. Click "Digital Media Recovery" module.
2. Select the partition where lost photos were stored and click "Full Scan".

3. Find and check photos which need recovering and click "Save Files" button to set save path (please do not store recovered photos to original partition, or photo recovery failure may emerge).

Through so simple operations, we free recover lost photos in Windows 7 successfully. As a matter of fact, it is also very easy to recover lost photos from storage devices. Users only need to connect storage device to computer and launch the data recovery software. Then, scan storage device with the module "Digital Media Recovery" and operate according to prompts. Then, lost photos will be found. However, users should not store new data to storage device so as to avoid data overwriting.

All above show free photo recovery in Windows 7 can be accomplished pretty easily.

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