Jpeg recovery

Jpeg, short for Joint Photographic Experts Group, is a format supporting compressed bitmap of 8-bit and 24-bit color, a very popular graphic file format and suitable for transmission on the internet and its suffix name is ".jpg" or ".jpeg". For users who like to shoot, pictures with this Jpeg format are common. No matter shot with cell phone or camera, the picture is with Jpeg format generally. So pictures of Jpeg format are widely used.

Along with the wide spread of Jpeg pictures, the phenomenon of Jpeg picture losses takes place more and more frequently. No matter in cell phone, digital camera or computer, many factors will lead to Jpeg picture losses. After this situation occurs, every user has the yearning to recover lost Jpeg pictures, but most users don't know how to perform Jpeg recovery. Actually along with the constant development of software industry, Jpeg recovery is easy to realize and what we need is just a piece of data recovery software supporting Jpeg pictures. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is equipped with a special module earmarked for digital media recovery is suggested. The module "Digital Media Recovery" enables users to find and recover Jpeg pictures quickly. If some users still have doubts about the functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, let's see how to recover Jpeg pictures with this professional data recovery software.

Jpeg recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, we should visit the official website to download and install this data recovery software. After that, run MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

The above is the main interface from which we can see all data recovery ability possessed by MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Click the module "Digital Media Recovery" specially designed for recovering lost media files to recover Jpeg pictures.

Entering the module, we can see all disks in the computer and all partition distribution information. Select the partition where Jpeg pictures have been lost and click "Full Scan" button to scan lost media files.

After the data recovery software finishes the scan, we can see all lost digital media files in the partition are listed. At this time, we just need to view folders containing Jpeg pictures to look for Jpeg pictures that will be recovered. Check them and click "Save Files" to store the pictures. It should be noticed that we'd better not save the recovered pictures to the original partition so as to prevent data from being overwritten and avoid influences on Jpeg recovery effect.

Other recovery modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
We have introduced "Digital Media Recovery" module of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Besides this module, we can see from the main interface that there are also "Undelete Recovery", "Damaged Partition Recovery", "Lost Partition Recovery" and "CD/DVD Recovery". We can perform different recovery operations in diverse data loss situations by employing these modules, for example, data loss caused by accidental deletion, accidental formatting, lost partition or virus attacks on partition.

If users want to know more detailed operations of these modules, please visit the official website of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

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