MMC recovery software free download

MMC, short for Multimedia Card, is a standard of flash memory card. As the technology of memory card keeps developing, MMC technology has gradually been replaced by SD technology, but MMC is still compatible with SD equipments. Therefore, in daily life, we can still meet MMC, such as in mobile phones, digital audio players and digital cameras. When using this kind of electronic products, many users have encountered data losses in MMC. For instance, the situation where virus infections with MMC or users' accidental deletions in digital camera lead to data losses is common. In this situation, most users have to bear suffering brought by data losses since they don't know how to perform MMC recovery. Actually, it is very easy to recover lost data caused by virus attacks and accidental deletions in MMC, and we just need to free download MMC recovery software. Here, the professional data recovery software released by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Power Data Recovery, is suggested. This data recovery software not only supports MMC recovery, but also has powerful data recovery functions. It has a special recovery module for digital media recovery like lost photo recovery, helping users recover lost photos from MMC timely and quickly. More excitingly, to meet users' demands, MiniTool Power Data Recovery also provides users with free edition, and users just need to visit the official website to free download this MMC recovery software. Then we'll show how to perform MMC recovery with the data recovery software.

Perform MMC recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
After free downloading this MMC recovery software from the official website, install it. Then connect MMC to the computer, and launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery. We'll see the following interface.

In the main interface, we can see all function modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Click "Digital Media Recovery" to recover lost photos from MMC.

In this interface, select the partition which stands for MMC and click "Full Scan". Then the data recovery software will scan all lost media files in this partition. After the process is finished, the following interface will be shown.

In this interface, we can see all lost media files in MMC. Check the pictures that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to save recovered pictures. It is not suggested to store these pictures to the original partition, otherwise data files may be overwritten in the recovery process and the recovery effect may be influenced.

Through the above demonstration, it is believed that many users have got intuitive understanding of "Digital Media Recovery" of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. For more information of other functions, please visit its official website. It must be noticed that no matter in MMC or other storage devices like hard disk, we should not store new data to them after data losses occur, to avoid damaging data or overwriting data, or the data that could be recovered may not be recovered. And more knowledge of data recovery technology can be got on the official website as well.

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