Photo recovery Windows 8

Photo is of great importance in current digital era for it is often a symbol of our good old days. Photos are actually part of our memory, whether it is sweet or sorrowful. Even if we were not in the good mood at the moment when the photo was taken, we now regard it as a valuable experience. However, sometimes, we may be stuck in the problem that valuable photos (especially those taken with deceased old friends or families) are missing. At that time, we must feel very regretful and depressed. Based on this fact, we plan to introduce a practical method for photo recovery in Windows 8. (Photo recovery in other Windows systems is similar.)

Get Free Photo Recovery in Windows 8 Service
As long as the lost photos in Windows 8 are important enough, we are willing to pay what we have to recover photos in Windows 8. And we bet all Windows 8 users would rather choose to get back lost photos for free than pay a lot of money on it as long as the method for free photo recovery in Windows 8 is reliable.

Here, we provide all Windows 8 users with a piece of powerful and safe free photo recovery software for Windows 8 to help them finish recovering lost photos in Windows 8 easily. The name of software is MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recovering Procedure
Step one: download and install recommended Power Data Recovery to a safe place.

Step two: choose “Digital Media Recovery” from the main interface of software and start recovery immediately after clicking on it.

Step three: select the location where lost photos belonged to and then click on “Full Scan” button to search for needed photos.

Step four: check needed photos in free photo recovery software for Windows 8 (users can preview the photo by using “File Preview” function), and press “Save Files” button to specify a saving place for them.

When all operations are completed by MiniTool Power Data Recovery, users can put an end to free photo recovery in Windows 8. By the way, if users can’t find needed photos by using “Digital Media Recovery”, they can try other modules.

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