Recover lost data

With the overflow of professional data recovery software, most computer users first think of using data recovery software to recover lost data. However, when using professional data recovery software, some users have encountered such a situation where it is difficult to find data which need recovering quickly and precisely. What’s the reason? In daily data use and management, users often delete useless data, and professional data recovery software will show users all deleted data (both desired data and useless data). Therefore, it is not easy to find desired data. But luckily, professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery gives a powerful function to filter needed data, namely advanced filter. Moreover, it provides users with an independent module to recover digital media files only.

Powerful function to recover digital media data of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
If users want to recover digital media data timely and effectively, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is undoubtedly a quite good choice. The functional module “Digital Media Recovery” is able to filter out undesired data so as to enhance data recovery efficiency and precision.
Main steps are as follows:
1. Visit the official website to download the professional data recovery software, and then install it to computer.
2. Launch the software and select the functional module “Digital Media Recovery”.

3. Select the partition where digital media file loss appears and click “Full Scan” button to scan the whole parttion.

4. After scan, find and check data which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to set save path.

When desired data are saved to a safe place, professional data recovery software help recover lost data completely.

Do you want to recover lost data quickly and precisely? Now, download this powerful data recovery software to help you.

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