Recovery Service for Windows

Have you ever encountered the situation where important data stored in Windows are lost due to some factors? Have you considered how to recover the lost important data completely? It is believed that most users have the same answer to those two questions – "Yes". But the reality always flies in the face of users' wishes, because they do not have the right idea of recovering lost data.

Indeed, it has been a long time that common users who have no knowledge of data recovery bare the loss silently when data loss occurs, because they can not figure out how to recover lost data. Luckily, with the emergence of amounts of professional data recovery software, this situation has changed, for it can provide data recovery service for Windows and help users recover lost data from Windows easily. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery is pretty good data recovery software.

Recover lost data in Windows with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is earmarked for Windows operating systems, providing users with comprehensive data recovery service for Windows. And if data size is less than 1GB, free data recovery service for Windows is offered. What's more important, the free data recovery software is of simple operations and powerful functions, aiding users in data loss in many situations, for example, accidental data deletion, partition deletion and partition formatting, partition damage due to viruses and partition loss. In addition, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is equipped with independent digital media recovery function, assisting users in recovering lost pictures, videos and music quickly and accurately. Take recovering lost pictures for example, for users' basic understanding of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover lost picture in Windows XP with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, visit the official website to download the free data recovery software and install it to the partition where we perform no operations. Then launch it and its main interface will be shown.

Select "Digital Media Recovery" to recover lost pictures.

In this interface, select the partition where the lost pictures were originally stored and click "Full Scan" to scan the selected partition. Then the following interface will appear.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is scanning digital media files in the selected partition. Please wait patiently. After the scan is finished, all digital media files are classified according to file formats and shown in the form of folders, as follows.

Select the folder containing pictures and check the pictures to be recovered. Then click "Save Files" to save the recovered data to a safe location, finishing recovering lost data from Windows XP.

Taking advantage of free data recovery service for Windows provided by MiniTool Power Data Recovery, users could recover lost data from Windows easily even if they you have no idea of data recovery knowledge. If you are still being frustrated by data loss in Windows, just download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and recover lost data as soon as possible.

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