All data repair

It is believed that most computer users have ever encountered situations of file loss. In the face of the problems that important files are lost, do you feel frustrated? Have you ever tried to recover lost data? Please don't think it miraculous, for in ordinary situations where data are lost, we can recover lost data by ourselves as a result of the unceasing development of computer data recovery technology. But if you are not acquainted with data recovery expertise, what you need is professional data recovery software of simple operations and powerful functions for all data repair. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery is such a kind of software.

Powerful Windows data recovery software
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is professional data recovery software earmarked for Windows. It can not only operate on almost all common Windows operating systems, but also can recover data which are lost due to commonly seen reasons, for example, recovering deleted data, formatted data and important data lost because of virus attacks. More importantly, MiniTool Power Data Recovery also provides users with free edition, which greatly reduces data recovery cost. Therefore, this powerful data recovery software becomes the top choice for many computer users.

Recovering deleted data
Deleting data accidentally is one of the main reasons for data loss problems on computers, so how to recover deleted data is a headache for many users. But MiniTool Power Data Recovery will make all data repair tasks easier.

Firstly, launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery and click "Undelete Recovery" module, as follows.

Select the partition where the deleted data were and click "Recover" button, as follows.

In the list of all deleted data in the partition, please find and check all data to be recovered and click "Save Files", as follows.

After all deleted data are restored to the appointed location, all data repair work is finished successfully.

Certainly, recovering deleted data is only one of the powerful functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If you want to know more functions and operation details about this Windows data recovery software, please visit the official website

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