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No data lasts forever. The emergence of digital storage device prolongs the service time of data, but it still can’t prevent data loss. When the digital technology has not been developed so well, we often kept our data in notebooks. However, we are easily to lose them all after we drop the notebook somewhere and can’t find it. With advanced storage devices like USB flash drive and memory card, we can save important data more easily. Meanwhile, it becomes possible for us to carry large amounts of data and to read it anytime we want. Nevertheless, file loss problem still can’t be avoided. We all need to be prepared with professional memory card recovery software if our significant files are saved in a memory card.

Choose the Best Memory Card Recovery Software
Since software technology has been developing so fast, lots of memory card recovery software can be seen in daily life. However, please be very careful when you need to choose such software to recover deleted files from memory card. That is because not all of them are reliable; some of them may cause serious problems in computer.

In view of this, we strongly advise MiniTool Power Data Recovery for deleted files recovery. This is actually believed to be the best recovery software for memory card and we bet you’ll never regret choosing it.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card
Step one: launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to see the main interface.

Step two: choose a functional module and click it to start deleted files recovery from memory card. “Undeleted Recovery” should be chosen now.

Step three: tap “Recover” button after you select the memory card from partition list.

Step four: check all the files you need from the right side and then click “Save Files” button from the left to specify a safe storage place for them.

If you can’t see needed files in step four, you can go back to the main window of MiniTool Power Data Recovery and choose other module to recover files under guidance.

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