Data recovery freeware

In the era when computers are widely used, data becomes particularly important. For many companies, data is the core for normal running. For home users, data is significant, too. Once important data gets lost, users will suffer lots of trouble or inconvenience. Supposing all important meeting materials stored on computer get lost, what should you do? At this time, if there is a piece of data recovery freeware, users can recover lost data very easily.

How to choose data recovery freeware?
On the internet, we almost can find what we want, including data recovery freeware, but it is very difficult for a lot of users to know quality of this kind of data recovery freeware. Specifically speaking, users do not know whether the data recovery freeware they select can recover lost data completely and successfully or whether can recover lost data from DVD, U disk or other external storage devices. Therefore, users always do not know which data recovery freeware to choose. Here, we recommend a piece of data recovery freeware which owns all-sided functions and high security, namely MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

By using this data recovery freeware, users do not need to worry about data recovery competence, data security, and operations. It supports all commonly seen storage devices such as IDE/SATA/SCSI hard disk, mobile hard disk, memory card, U disk, CD/DVD, and iPod. It is able to recover lost data even if the partition storing important data is damaged by virus, lost, or formatted. As long as users visit the official website, they can download this data recovery freeware easily and safely.

How to free recover deleted data by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
Now, let’s get to know how to use this data recovery freeware to recover deleted data. First of all, download and install the data recovery freeware to computer. After running it successfully, we can see the following interface:

This is the main interface of the data recovery freeware, where 5 functional modules are displayed. “Undelete Recovery” is used to recover deleted data, and “Damaged Partition Recovery” helps recover lost data from logically damaged partition. “Lost Partition Recovery” is able to recover lost data from lost partition, and “Digital Media Recovery” aims at scanning and recovering digital media files. “CD/DVD Recovery” can be used to recover lost data from CD or DVD. To recover deleted data, we need to click the first functional module to enter its operating interface:

In this interface, we can see all partitions of the computer. If we want to recover deleted data on partition C, we need to select partition C and click “Recover” button to scan the selected partition. After scan, data recovery freeware shows us all deleted data on this partition:

Data with red crosses are deleted data. Here, we need to check data which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to set save path for recovered data. When desired data are saved to another storage device, data recovery freeware completes deleted data recovery successfully.

After seeing this introduction, users should know how to recover deleted data by using this data recovery freeware. If users want to further understand this data recovery software or want to recover lost data by using this software, get detailed information from its official website.

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