Data recovery programs

In the process of using computer, users always delete some useless data to release more available space in order to store more important data to the computer. But in the process, the situation where important data are deleted may take place because of accidental operations, which is very unfortunate for users. Can those deleted important data be recovered? Sure! As long as we possess a powerful data recovery program, we can recover deleted data easily.

Commonly used methods for deleting data
Users may take different methods to delete different data according to practical situations and the commonly used methods are following.
  • Using Delete command: after selecting the data to be deleted, use Delete button on keyboard or "Delete" option in the shortcut menu of right mouse button to delete data.
  • Using Shift+Delete: after selecting files, press Shift button and Delete button at the same time to delete files.
  • Formatting partition: adopt quick formatting mode to format partition, thereby deleting partition data.
  • Deleting data by overwriting: use data of the same name as the original data to overwrite the original data.

Those above methods are commonly used and we can use the multifunctional data recovery program MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover the data deleted through all other methods except the last one.

Use photo recovery software to recover deleted data
Using "Delete" command to delete data is the most common and simplest method, so how to recover data deleted in this way with data recovery programs is the thing many computer users are concerned about. Actually, if we are in possession of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the operations of recovering deleted data are very simple. Launch this data recovery program and we'll see its starting interface.

This data recovery program provides users with several data recovery modules and we should use "Undelete Recovery" to recover deleted data. Click the module and the following interface will be shown.

Select the partition where the deleted important data were and click "Recover" to scan all deleted data in the partition. Then the following interface will be shown.

Find and check the important data that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them. The following window will pop up.

Click "Browse…" to appoint storage location and then click "OK" to finish all operations and the data recovery program will automatically save the recovered data to the appointed location.

If you are annoyed by that important data are deleted and you want to recover deleted data quickly and completely, the multifunctional data recovery program MiniTool Power Data Recovery will be your best choice. Please visit its official website to download it freely.

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