Find deleted files on external hard drive Mac

Can deleted files be recovered? This is a question that draws much attention of both computer users and other digital devices users. From the traditional view, once a file is deleted or lost accidentally, it can hardly be found. However, the files are not really missing from storage device immediately after deletion. The fact is that only the entry of files is missing; real content remains. As long as the content is not covered by new data, we have a chance to get the deleted files back. There’re lots of users concerning about how to find deleted files on external hard drive in Mac.

We pick out a common situation for analysis: I have been using Mac all the time. Yesterday, I was working on my Mac computer. And at the end of work, I plugged in my external hard drive to save important documents in case of any unexpected damage on computer. But the tragedy occurs when I planned to plug out the external hard drive. I deleted some important files I need due to wrong clicks. I know how stupid I am, but I must stay calm and try my best to find deleted files on external hard drive in Mac. What should I do? Any practical suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Find Deleted Files on External Hard Drive in Mac Quickly
We happen to know a piece of wonderful file recovery software for Mac, which is professional in Mac deleted files recovery. The name is MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Now, let’s take a look at the recovery process.

1.Launch MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and choose “Undelete Recovery” module, which is obviously suitable for Mac deleted files recovery, from main window. Then, tap it to enter its specific interface.

2.Select the external hard drive that contains deleted files from the right side of file recovery software for Mac. After that, click “Recover” button to continue.

3.Check desired files from files layout and then click “Save Files” button to save them to other location. (Users can make use of “File Preview” function to preview pictures or txt files.)

After all checked files are saved to appointed location completely, users can quick the software and end the work to find deleted files on external hard drive in Mac. Buy a MiniTool Mac Data Recovery right now, we know it will come in handy.

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