Free file recovery programs

In the process of using computer, when files are lost, most of us firstly think of free file recovery programs to recover lost files. However, there is a variety of file recovery software in the market and most is chargeable. But we'll recommend a professional free file recovery program for all Windows users – MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a risk-free and read-only free file recovery program of powerful functions. Compared with other free file recovery programs, it is more powerful. Besides recovering deleted and formatted data, it can also recover files from damaged and lost partition. Also, it is able to recover lost data from CD/DVD, memory cards, USB flash drives and other kinds of storage devices. It can scan hard drive quickly and accurately and then recover lost data effectively. And various types of files are supported as well. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is released by MiniTool Solution Ltd. which is engaged in developing powerful software.

Please visit the official website to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and then install it to recover lost data.

Then we'll show its powerfulness by demonstrating how to recover deleted data.
Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery and then click "Undelete Recovery" module in its starting interface, as follows.

Then select the partition where the deleted files were and click "Recover" to scan it, as follows.

After scanning partition is finished, all deleted files in the selected partition will be shown. Please find (if there are too many files, we can use "Advanced Filter" function which allows us to look for files via creating time, file name and size) and check the files to be recovered and then click "Save Files" to set save path, as follows.

Then click "OK" and the recovered files will be stored to the appointed location.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is composed of five independent function modules which are able to recover lost files in different situations.

Although there are many free file recovery programs in the market, but few is as excellent as MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If you want to know more advantages of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, please visit its official website

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