System file recovery

System file loss is a big headache for computer users, because it will bring many troubles. For example, we can not boot computer normally; a part of functions do not work; computer runs slowly. In a word, different kinds of problems may emerge. However, it is difficult to avoid system file loss because both mistaken deletion and virus attack are main reasons for system file loss. Under this situation, the only way to minimize losses is to recover system file. Nevertheless, different users have different ideas. For these users who have higher consumption ability, they are very likely to ask professional data recovery companies for help. But for common users, they are unable to afford high file recovery fees, and they may choose to reinstall operating system. However, former data will be lost after reinstallation. Well, is there a better method for system file recovery?
The answer is of course yes. In addition to professional data recovery companies, we can also resort to free data recovery software to recover system file. In the current software market, though there is so much free data recovery software, most of them have functional defects. In order to help users avoid downloading inferior free data recovery software, I recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Users had better download it from its official website This data recovery software offers 5 data recovery modules which are able to undelete data and recover lost data from formatted partition, deleted partition, and logically damaged partition. In addition, it supports data recovery from CD/DVD, memory card, memory stick, USB flash drive, and other storage devices. Though functions of this data recovery software are powerful, operating steps are very simple.
Next, let's see how to recover deleted system file with this data recovery software.

Here, we take system file recovery in Windows 7 for example.
First of all, open the data recovery software to enter its main interface:

To recover deleted system file, we need to select the functional module "Undelete Recovery". Then, the following interface will appear:

Select the system partition and click "Recover" button to scan deleted files stored on this partition.

In this interface, we need to check files needing to be recovered and click "Save Files" button to save these files to a safe place. After that, we are successful to recover deleted system file with this data recovery software.
In addition, this data recovery software is able to find desired files quickly. If you want to find a specific file, you can enter a character string (like file name and file format). Then, MiniTool Power Data Recovery will guide you to find desired file quickly, like the following interface shows:

System files are similar with organs of human, and multiple system files compose operating system. Once we operate system file mistakenly, the whole system may crash and hard disk may suffer damage. Note: do not delete files or data in system optionally to enhance computer running speed. Though the data recovery software MinitTool Power Data Recovery can help us accomplish system file recovery under different situations, it works only when data loss is caused by soft fault. When data loss is caused by physical damage, we had better ask professional data recovery companies for help.

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