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Lost your very important videos from GoPro? Feel very depressed when knowing this? If you are one of the victims of the precious videos missing issue, what we're going to talk about would be helpful. Please just keep cool (don't behave like ants on a hot pan, which will make things worse), and carry out the operations for GoPro video recovery we'll show in following content.

Videos, no matter where they're stored, can be lost due to a lot of reasons, including memory card corruption, system crash, sudden power failure, accidental deletion/formatting and virus attack. What you need to know is the real content of lost videos is still on the device and it will keep intact until it has been overwritten by new data. So we suggest that all of you don't save any new data to the GoPro before GoPro file recovery is completed in the way you want.

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The Best Solution to GoPro Video Recovery

Actually, GoPro is a sports camera manufacturer located in the United States. Since GoPro camera has been widely used by extreme sports groups, such as surfing, skiing, extreme cycling and parachuting, GoPro is now almost a synonyms of "special camera for extreme sports". So it can be imagined that lots of precious moments are often recorded in a GoPro camera, in the form of videos and photos; and you may never ever experience most of those unforgettable/breath-taking moments once again. As a result, it's no exaggeration to say that you lose the videos/photos, you lose everything.

Right here, we are determined to teach people how to recover GoPro video file in easy ways; this decision is made basically due to 2 reasons:

1. Videos in GoPro are so important to its owner.
2. A large group of people are stuck in GoPro file loss predicament and want to get help by asking questions on many forums and webpages.

Now, you should seize time to download the free video recovery software: MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition V7.0 (for Windows platform) or MiniTool Mac Data Recovery V3.0 – DEMO (for Mac platform).

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Then, install the software to computer local drive. At last, launch the software and choose a proper module to start GoPro recovery quickly.

GoPro Data Recovery on Windows

A specific case:

16 GB of video doesn't show up on SD card "I was outwest filming. Each night I usually offload the files on to my laptop. After 2nd day of riding, I could only offload half of the 2nd day's videos to my laptop before the hard drive was full. I didn't think it was much of an issue because there were only 4 GB of data left on the card, so I left it.

Next day was the third and final of using the GoPro and riding. Came back home two days later to find that only the second half of day 3 videos were visible on the SD. Offloaded what was there. The SD card doesn't show any files on the card, however, Windows shows it as having 16 GB of info still on it.

Has anyone ever had this issue? Does anyone have an idea on how to retrieve the files? I've asked a buddy at work, he says my best bet is getting software that could maybe retrieve the files. I am more interested knowing if this will be an issue in the future or if I should do something differently to keep this from happening."

– asked by FocusJR on GoPro Forums

In above case, the user suddenly finds that his 16GB of videos saved on GoPro camera SD card don't show up. He now wants to retrieve the video files and looks for a qualified tool to help him.

We suspect that his SD card is damaged somehow during the process of connecting SD card to laptop and transferring data from it to computer. For this case, we suggest him run the free edition of Minitool Power Data Recovery and choose "Damaged Partition Recovery" to scan his SD card to see whether the needed videos can be found.

LOOK, here're the specific steps for SD card data recovery on Windows:

Step 1: connect the SD card to computer through a card reader; then, launch the software and click on "Damaged Partition Recovery" from the main interface.

note For users who want to recover deleted GoPro files from a normally working memory card, "Undelete Recovery" can be a better choice since it has a faster scanning speed.

Step 2: select the SD card connected to computer from the partition list; then, press "Full Scan" button to search for lost videos.

GoPro video recovery 3

note You can open advanced settings options to choose only the video format you want to recover so as to accelerate full scan.

GoPro video recovery 4

Step 3: look through the found files and pick out the video files you're looking for; then, click on the "Save" button to set a safe storage path (the SD card shouldn't be chosen here).

GoPro video recovery 5

note If the total size of all videos you choose is larger than 1GB – the free recovery limit, you'll not be able to recover GoPro video from SD card free. In this case, you should click on "Export Scan Result" in the upper part of the page to save scan result to a safe place. Then, you should buy a license to upgrade the software and after that, choose "Load manually saved scan result" in the "Damaged Partition Recovery" interface.

This is the entire process of how to recover data from corrupted memory card of GoPro.

GoPro File Recovery on Mac

Case 1:

How can I recover Files Deleted by GoPro Studio from the SD Card? "I accidentally clicked the Delete Files button after halting GoProStudio during the process of importing clips from the SD card. I was using a MAC

I have downloaded some of the recovery applications to try but can't see the files. I can find some of the .MP4 files but they are not viewable. Nothing has been written to the card since the delete so the files should all be there but not sure of GoProStudio is deleting them in a way the recovery applications can't recognize. Any ideas?"

– asked by nickd rapidsurf73171 on GoPro Support Hub

In case 1, the user said that he accidentally deleted GoPro video and now wants to recover. But the problem is he can't find a recovery application that could help. In fact, there are many people saying that "GoPro studio deleted my files" on the internet. So we suggest them, who are running Mac, download MiniTool Mac Data Recovery V3.0 – DEMO to see whether the deleted files can be found or not.

LOOK, here're the specific steps to recover data from memory card on a Mac:

Step 1: connect the SD card to Mac properly; then, launch MiniTool Mac Data Recovery V3.0 – DEMO and click on "Undelete Recovery" from the main interface.
Step 2: select the SD card and click on "Scan" button to detect files.
Step 3: browse the found files at the end of the scan and choose the file you need; then, click on "Save" button to choose a storage place and click on "OK" to confirm.

note This software can also be used to recover files from the local drive of a Mac computer. But you can't recover deleted files from an HFS+ partition by using the "Undelete Recovery Partition" since deleted files recovery from HFS+ partition is not supported by this module (see the picture given below). At this time, you're supposed to turn to "Damaged Partition Recovery" instead.

GoPro video recovery 6

Case 2:

Is it possible to recover? "I uploaded my videos and photos to my computer (mac photos app) but they deleted and then were deleted off of my SD card. Is there any possibility to retrieve the deleted files? Only time I've ever been surfing and they were cool"
– asked by nickd on GoPro Forums

In case 2, the user said that his videos and photos are deleted suddenly after he uploaded them to computer; the files are also deleted from SD card. Now, he wants to retrieve the deleted files. On this occasion, we suggest him try "Digital Media Recovery" of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

Here are the specific steps to recover video from SD card or recover photos from SD card on a Mac:

Step 1: connect the SD card to Mac properly as we said before; then, launch MiniTool Mac Data Recovery V3.0 – DEMO and click on "Digital Media Recovery".
Step 2: select the SD card and click on "Full Scan" button to detect lost videos and photos.
Step 3: browse the scan result carefully and select the videos & photos you want to recover; then, click on "Save" button to set a storage path and click on "OK" to confirm.

GoPro video recovery 7

Users are advised to buy a license for MiniTool Mac Data Recovery due to following 2 reasons:
a). The DEMO edition can only help users recover 1MB of data for free.
b). The size of a single video/photo is often larger than 1MB.

This is the entire process of GoPro file recovery on Mac.

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A Closer Look at GoPro & GoPro Camera

About GoPro Company

Though GoPro becomes a world famous action camera manufacturer, it was actually an American technology company when founded in 2002. In addition to camera, Woodman Labs, Inc. also develops its own mobile apps and video-editing software.

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Before 2014, all of the company's revenue came from hardware sales. But in the first quarter of 2014, the company worked with Microsoft to set up GoPro channel on XBOX, trying to attract advertising and third-party sponsorship in order to get a new revenue source.

In March 2016, GoPro announced that it would acquire 2 mobile video editing applications (Replay and Splice) for 105,000,000 dollars in cash and stock. Those two deals finally accounted for about 22% of GoPro's cash reserves.

On November 30, 2016, GoPro announced that the company will lay off 15 percent of its staff and shut down its entertainment division, as part of the restructuring plan.

About GoPro Camera

It takes 2 years long for Nick Woodman to work on his first camera, after founding the company. Finally, he introduced the GoPro 35mm Hero in September 2004, at San Diego's Action Sports Retailer trade show. It is said that Nick Woodman develops the original camera prototype when he fiddle with his mother's sewing machine and an electric drill.

GoPro video recovery 10

According to statistics, about $150,000 worth of products was sold in the first year. Later, the company introduced its first Digital Hero in 2006. Provided with 10-second video capability, the first Digital Hero turned out to generate about $800,000 in revenue. But the bad news is that GoPro sales quadrupled to only $3.4 million in the following year.

In 2014, the company started to sell the Hero3+ series (3 editions of different colors – black, silver and white. The performance is reduced in turn). The Hero3+ is capable of filming in 16:9 aspect ratio and it supports 4K UHD video & 12MP still photographs.

On 24 September 2014, the Hero 4 was introduced. While on 20 September 2016, the latest Hero 5 was released, with an increase in performance, but decrease in price.

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A Brief Summary

GoPro camera has been used widely and frequently nowadays. A lot of precious videos and photos are often saved in a GoPro camera. Yet, since the capacity of GoPro memory card is limited, many people choose to transfer videos/photos to other drives to release free space for further use. Or some people like to edit videos/photos after taking them. Both are likely to cause data loss. Besides, there're many other unexpected reasons that will result in GoPro video/photo loss, such as accidental deletion and virus invasion.

Noticing this, we decide to write this article to mainly help people with GoPro video recovery. The recovery process mainly includes 3 stages: analyze the possible reasons for data loss, choose the proper video recovery software (for Windows or for Mac) and carry out GoPro recovery under guidance.

In the last part of above content, we also provide a brief introduction to the development of GoPro company and GoPro camera. Please choose the part you're most interested in to read in order to save time.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: