How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card In Easy Way

It is believed that most people are not unfamiliar with the conception of storage device. Yes, it is a general term for a class of tools which can help us keep important files and precious photos recording our valuable memories. A variety of types of storage devices can be found on current market. Hard disk drive, USB flash drive, SD card, TF card, CD and DVD are some common types and we can see them almost everywhere in today’s information age. In this article, we’re going to focus on SD card data storage and how to recover deleted files from SD card. Bet you don’t know everything of this commonly seen device.

Basic Knowledge of SD Card You May Want to Know

Recover deleted files from SD card 1 SD card is a type of memory card featured with large capacity, high cost-effective, small volume, low power consumption and simple interface. Just because of that, SD card is widely used in portable devices, such as digital camera, MP3 players, mobile phones and some game consoles. The interface of SD card is backward compatible. That is to say, SD card can be compatible with MMC card and SD card access SPI protocol and some commands can also be applied to MMC card.

SD card read-write module contains the following files:
sdconfig.h: hardware configuration head file of read-write module
sdspihal.c: read-write module hardware abstraction layer, used to implement SPI interface initialization, SPI byte sending/receiving and other functions related to SPI hardware
sdspihal.h: head file of sdspihal.c
sdcmd.c: command layer of read-write module, used to achieve various commands and flow control between the host and the card
sdcmd.h: head file of sdcmd.c
sddriver.c: read-write module application layer, capable of card reading, writing and erasing; it also contains some card manipulation functions
sddriver.h: head file of sddriver.c, including function execution error code
sdcrc.c: relevant CRC computing functions
sdcrc.h: head file of sdcrc.c

As far as we’re concerned, most current SD cards are equipped with a function called write-protection. Once this function is activated, SD card will be put in a read only state; that is to say, we can only read data from SD card at this time and could never modify the data or write any new data into it.

It’s a nightmare for SD card users (especially when they have put some really important data into the card) to be confronted with the situation where there’s something wrong with the write protection function. To be specific, how users are going to do when they fail to turn off the write protection function (data in the SD card may need to be updated or new data may need to be saved in the card, so users have to turn off the protection feature to make this happen)?

Recover deleted files from SD card 2

There’s one simple and effective way to fix that: initializing and formatting the drive. However, this method is very harmful to data saved in it. Considering this, we advise users to backup needed data regularly so that they can at least choose to do so to keep SD card working right without thinking too much of data security. By the way, “Copy Partition” function of MiniTool Partition Wizard may be of great help in this aspect. Now, let’s come back to the topic – SD card deleted files recovery.

Three Steps to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

Taking privacy into consideration, we guess a piece of free file recovery software, that can be compatible with SD card, is much more helpful and reliable than a profitable data recovery agency. Two reasons can support this idea: 1. a data recovery company could charge pretty high when you want to let them finish SD card data recovery for you. 2. work staff in the recovery company may leak out your confidential information due to money temptation.

As a result, users had better select a piece of free file recovery software, instead of hiring any company or professional, to help them with the recovery work. And you may not believe, MiniTool Power Data Recovery – a professional and powerful recovery program – is totally free.

Please read the using tutorial carefully if it’s your first time to use it:

Recover deleted files from SD card 3

One: properly install the program to a drive (the target SD card is not included) and run it immediately after installation (seize every second to start recovery task to achieve highest recovery rate).

Two: click on “Undelete Recovery” which is especially designed for deleted files recovery from various storage devices, including SD card. And then select the drive representing your SD card with deleted files to scan by pressing “Scan” button.

Recover deleted files from SD card 4

Three: check every file when the scanning result is out to find the ones that you need to recover and then select them all. Click “Save” -> choose a storage location -> click “OK” to confirm destination -> click “OK” again in the pop-up window to end SD card deleted files recovery. Now, you may quite the program.

Tips: if there are too many files in the result list, please try clicking “Filter” to narrow the checking scope. Then, you can select needed files with ease.

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