The user data is 2048 bytes, the data sector is 2064 bytes. The user data is set with four bytes of Sector Identification Data (ID for short) which is to show the information on sector format, rail mode, reflective ratio, areas where sector lies, data type, number of layers, and numbers of sectors and so on. The second byte is used for ID Error Detection Code, called as IED for short. Then, six bytes is used for the Copy Protection information (called CPR for short), in all 12 bytes is added to the beginning of the sector. At the same time, the end of the sector is set with 4 bytes of Error Detection Code (called EDC for short).

Sector 2064 bytes of data is arranged into 12 rows × 172 column array structure, and then a row of 16 data sectors are combined with Reed-Solomon error correction coding, then work out the OCP and the ICP, constitutes a 208 × 182 array error correction block (ECC BLOCK). After encoding, each sector has got an increase of 302 bytes. The newly formed sector is called recording sector. A recording sector is 2366 bytes. Physical sector is to separate the recording sector into two and a half from the middle, each half-frame is added a 26 byte sync code. After the process of 8-16 modulation then a physical sector with sync frame is formed. The concocted physical sector has 4836 bytes which equals to the 2418 bytes before concocting. The data on the physical sector shall form channel data line after line, then recorded onto the DVD discs, it is the real sector on the disc.

The lead in area, data area, lead out are, middle area has a changeable number of sectors that mainly determined by the length of programming. Generally speaking, the first sector of data area is set with the number of 196608 (030000H).
The lead in area is made up by reference code and control data, of which, the reference code is made up by two error correction blocks with a length of 32 sectors. The control data contains 192 error correction blocks with the information on physic format, production of DVD, program provider and so on. The data is user data on the data area. The main value is set 0 in the middle area. The primary data is also set with 0 in the lead out area.

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