Lost file recovery on Windows

Nowadays, file loss events are increasing. So, many users start to worry about security of important files on computers and take measures try to prevent important files from losing, for instance install anti-virus software and carry out partition data backup. However, these measures are helpless when the data really get lost. Therefore, users also need to know the rescuing method. In fact, the improper operation is actually the most commonly seen data loss factor. Data get lost for factors such as important files are accidentally deleted, partition accidentally gets lost, partition is accidentally formatted, partition file system is inaccessible because of partition file system damage, but they don't disappear. Under most situations, users can’t find data because operating systems can't find and display lost files of which the file indexes and indexes of partitions storing files are damaged or tempered. If users desire lost file recovery solution, just read the content below.

Lost file recovery on Windows
Current software market is of abundant professional file recovery software for Windows, making users employing improper file recovery software usually. How can users find and adopt the most suitable one and use it to carry out lost file recovery? To common users who know little file recovery software, a piece of professional file recovery software with comprehensive functions and simple operations is very ideal. So, users are advised to employ the professional file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery via the official website https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/.
If users already have this file recovery software in computer, start it to the its multiple file recovery functional modules:

Users choose the most suitable file recovery functional module according to the real file loss situation, thereby carrying out lost file recovery with ease. For instance, if users can’t normally access to the partition, users can use “Damaged Partition Recovery” to fast and effectively recover lost data from this partition.

During data recovery process, users should avoid overwriting data. So, please pay attention to these points:
1. Stop writing new data in partition where data get lost as soon as the files are lost.
2. Avoid install file recovery software in partition to be operated.
3. Save recovered files in partition not to be operated.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: