The Fabulous Data Recovery Software For Windows 10 You Deserve

Windows 10 Is not Just a New Generation of OS

Operating system, shortly named as OS, is the core of the computer we use in daily life and work. To make an inappropriate metaphor, we think if the hardware of computer (such as motherboard, display screen and input/output device) is regarded as the human body, the OS can be seen as the soul of human beings. Computer can’t work without an operating system, just like a human being will never exist without soul.

We can see that OS plays an indispensable role in computer using. That’s why it always catches up the eyes of designers and users. Executive vice president of Microsoft, Terry Myerson, said the new generation of operating system – Windows 10 will change the application scenarios of large-screen devices, small-screen devices and even no screen devices; it’s their first step to embrace the more personalized new era of computing.

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Everything of Windows 10 revolves around user experience, the vice president of Microsoft Greater China and general manager of consumer channels Division – Zhang Yongli said when having an interview with the reporter from Science and Technology Daily. After upgrading to Windows 10, users can enjoy better operation experience and it will continue to be improved.

Starting from this generation, the operating system’s development direction will be changed from supporting PC single terminal device only to a more flexible, natural, interactive and trustworthy direction. Users’ applications, service and other information can be accessed through various devices, achieving a simple and seamless operation experience.

User Experience in Windows 10:

During the continuous development process, operating system becomes increasingly convenient and advanced. Meanwhile, the OS designers gradually transfer its focus from simply technology to diverse aspects including user experience and service.

Data recovery software for Windows 10 2 According to news, the personal intelligent assistant of Microsoft – Cortana will make its debut in Windows 10 and it gives support for both PC and tablet computer. The new generation of browser – Microsoft Edge – owns better inter-operability, reliability as well as discoverability. Universal applications of Office provide optimized touch screen experience across different devices. Users can go on with unfinished business conveniently in different devices by saving and synchronizing suspending object through OneDrive.

What’s more, Windows 10 is going to be the world’s first holographic computer platform. Excitingly, Windows 10 is able to help developers create holographic experience in the real world through numerous API; that is to say, it brings the three-dimensional holographic sight into the real world. More surprisingly, it may also be able to find the thing that users are concerned about and understand the content of users’ gesture and voice communication.

Microsoft believes that technology should take the second place and users’ interaction with computer should be as natural as the communication between people. In their point of view, voice, stylus, gesture and even eyes contact should all become ways of communication between user and computer. Honestly, those ideas dominate the entire development process of Windows 10.

Service Comes First, Then Comes the Technology

One of the most dazzling ideas in Windows 10 is to give priority to service. It is said that Windows 10 will reshape the relationship among consumers, developers and business users and write an important new chapter for Microsoft. With the opening of Windows Insider program starting from September 2014, the development of Windows 10 has become Microsoft’s largest ever open and joint project. So far, Windows Insider program has about 500 million members enrolled in and millions of feedbacks received.

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Now, Windows 10 is seen by Microsoft more as a service than just an OS. As a matter of fact, Windows is going to be one of the world’s largest internet services in the coming years. As any other internet services, the question like “which version you are using” is no longer necessary, and this is definitely a good thing for Windows developers. Giving support for devices from PC, table computer and PC tablet combo device to mobile phone, Xbox and networking equipment, Windows 10 naturally becomes the operating system with the most widely supported device types.

As far as we’re concerned, there appears much data recovery software for Windows 10 right after the release of Windows 10 preview version. Why? That is because various software manufacturers tend to take advantage of the popularity of win10 to win more customers, so as to seize market opportunities. In spite of this, the vast majority of common users don’t know much about Windows 10. So, let’s take a look at the specific improvements in Windows 10.

Windows 10 in Computer

At the end of June 2015, Microsoft pushes a new version of Win10 – Windows10 Build 10158 to Windows Insider fast-track users. This version contains a number of improvements: great stability enhancement, UI optimization and the adding of new characteristics into Edge browser are included. Microsoft declared that no serious bug is found in this release.

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Many new features are included in Edge browser. For instance, the function of importing bookmarks from other browsers is added; the password and form auto-fill feature is included so that users can also save and manage passwords for various sites; and the sound from Edge browser will keep playing when this browser is minimized or running in the background. This is also a strong demand from Windows Insider program users.

Improvements in Cortana:

  • As you can imagine, a dark theme is added to Cortana to be coordinated with the rest of the system.
  • The new version of Cortana is able to track flights and packages; when users’ message contains flights and package information (from supported providers), these messages will be displayed in Cortana, and meanwhile, Cortana will remind users of that.
  • The new version supports sending mails to multiple people at the same time. The receivers, the mail subject and the content can all be completed by voice. Users can also correct errors by voice. However, this feature is currently only available in the United States.

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At the very beginning of July, 2015, Windows10 Build 10159 is out, bringing a visual feast to users. In the user login interface of this version, Microsoft adopts a brand new UI design, making users’ wallpaper become the background of the login screen. At the same time, users’ avatars will be shown in the middle position of the login interface. At the moment when users start up Windows10, a brand new interface full of technology sense will be shown in front of users’ eyes, which is a long-awaited scene.

Windows 10 in Mobile Phone

Just like Windows 10 in computer, Windows 10 in mobile phone also brings many new things, among which call recording and face tracking are two most eye-catching features. Presumably, this will cause a stir in the mobile phone users.
  • Call recording feature: after deep excavation, the media have found a default folder named “Recorded Calls” in Explorer of mobile phones equipped with Win10. Documents, downloads, music, pictures, ring tones, videos and other subfolders are included here. We all know that Windows 8.1 does not allow recording users’ dialogue, but apparently, Windows 10 provides this function in mobile phones. Data recovery software for Windows 10 6
    In addition, the recorder application has been found to have the permission to use “Recorded Calls” folder. This is another function added to Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone in response to users’ feedback.

  • According to reports from Phone Arena, another new feature is found in Microsoft’s latest version of Windows 10 mobile phone – the front camera application gives support for face tracking.

Yet, since the application of Windows 10 on computer is much broader than its application on mobile phone, we’ll lay our focus on Win10 computer using in the following content.

Development in Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

The release and update of Windows 10 preview version attracts many users’ attention. In a very long period of time, Windows 10 has been the hot topic among OS developers, users and mass media. After analyzing Win10 briefly, we’ll find it is worthy of being talked about for it includes lots of new features and improvements in old functions. Therefore, we guess upgrading OS to Windows 10 or replacing OS with Windows 10 will become a tendency in the near future right after the release of Win10 official version.

With regard to this, more and more software manufacturers start to upgrade their software to make it compatible with the latest Windows 10. In this way, they can achieve better compatibility and make their products appeal to more users.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is no exception. The latest 7.0 version gives full support for Windows 10. So if you’re already a Power Data Recovery user, you can update your software in order to retrieve deleted files in Windows 10. If you have never used it before, you can download a free edition of this Windows 10 hard disk data recovery software to have a try.

A piece of easy-to-use and powerful data recovery software for Windows 10 is believed to be very necessary for Windows 10 users. Since this is a brand new operating system which has a lot of differences when compared to previous Windows OS, there’s a great chance that wrong operations will occur during computer using. For instance, users may delete needed files and folders mistakenly or they may install some programs which can’t be compatible with each other. In both cases, data loss issue would appear. As a result, we suggest Windows 10 users to be prepared with a professional data recovery tool in advanced in case of any unexpected data loss trouble.

Here, we’ll take how to retrieve deleted files in Windows 10 with MiniTool Power Data Recovery as an example so as to show users the way to use it conveniently.

Data recovery software for Windows 10 7

First of all, you’re expected to choose a module according to your actual needs. Just clicking the module you want to choose, you’ll enter its operating interface. Then, you should specify the partition or drive from which the data are lost. Afterwards, click “Scan” button in the lower right corner to continue.

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When the scan is over, please check the scanning result to find desired data and finally, click “Save” button to store them to a safe place for using. (The using method of other modules is similar to this one, and we’re sure that it’s easy to everyone to understand and operate)

Data Security Issue in Windows 10

In fact, the OS designers have made efforts to try to protect users’ data in any situation. It is reported that Microsoft plans to restore the system backup and restore function in Windows 10, and they decide to make it more powerful and perfect, so that users can get more operating authorities. In Windows 7, the system backup and restore function is open for any file or folder. But after the system was updating to Windows 8, users will find Microsoft has this feature abandoned replaced it with a function called File History backup.

However, File History has an obvious limitation: in addition to files or folders like favorites, contacts and pictures, the system files and applications do not support backup functions. To improve the situation, the Backup and Restore function will exist together with File Recovery function. In this case, Windows 10 users at least have their own right to choose which one to make use of.

Back up Important Data Regularly to Avoid Data Loss

If you know that prevention is always superior to recovery, you’ll understand why Windows 10 designers tend to restore that function. Therefore, why don’t you take actions right now to make a backup for important data? Two available and easy ways are introduced here.

Data recovery software for Windows 10 9

The first one is to put all important data into one partition and then employ the “Copy Partition” function of MiniTool Partition Wizard to accomplish data backup.

Data recovery software for Windows 10 10

The second way is to launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, select the disk with important files and tap “Copy Disk” from left action panel.

Both ways are easy enough for even inexperienced users. So please don’t hesitate to get an assistant to back up your necessary files regularly so as to avoid troublesome data loss problem as much as possible.