Server 2008 data recovery free

For large scale enterprises or institutions, they have their own servers, and Windows Server 2008 is preferred by most of them. Under this Server operating system, users are often troubled by a big problem namely data loss since computer viruses are overflowing and mistaken operations can not be avoided completely. When data loss emerges in Server 2008, most users are unwilling to ask professional data recovery companies for help since they fear of data leakage. Then, using professional data recovery software becomes these users’ best choice. As data stored on server are quite important, server users should perform Server 2008 data recovery by using the data recovery software which has powerful functions as well as high security. But unfortunately, most data recovery software on the current software market can not meet these requirements. Therefore, there are more and more Server 2008 users who are asking for help on the internet.

In order to help these users find excellent data recovery software easily, we recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Main reasons for recommending this software are as follows:
1. It is able to recover data lost due to almost all soft errors like mistaken deletion, accidental formatting, and partition loss.
2. In the process of Server 2008 data recovery, it can ensure data security.
3. Operations are pretty simple.
4. Detailed prompts are given in every step.
5. Free recover 1GB data.

Next, let’s see how to complete Server 2008 data recovery by using this data recovery software.

Recover lost data of Server 2008 with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, users need to own this data recovery software. Please download it from its official website or from professional downloading center. Then, install it to computer and run it to open its main interface like the following screenshot shows:

In the main interface, please select the most suitable module according to data loss situations. Then, clicking scanning button to scan the device where data loss appears. When data recovery software displays all data it finds, users should find and check data which need recovering, and then save recovered data to another storage device. After this operation, Server 2008 data recovery will be finished thoroughly.
From the above introduction, we can see Server 2008 data recovery is a piece of quite simple work. If you are troubled by Server 2008 data loss, hurry to recover lost data of Server 2008 by using this professional data recovery software.

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